Why Is English Footy So Popular?

The English Premier League was recently condemned by local media for selling the sport. That information was to shed light on how the world seems to love him despite the criticism. But, if it is not already clear, its popularity is so widespread that it ends up offending a lot. Popular belief Source: draftkings.com One … Read more

What are the Odds of Liverpool Winning the Premier League?

In the current Premier League, various soccer teams are chasing to win the championship. Each team has its odds as they perform differently in matches. If we talk about a specific team that has won the Premier League many times, it is Manchester City. On the other hand, Liverpool is one victory away from Manchester … Read more

Have Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay Salaues Exchanged Vows Already?

Manchester United’s fate lies hanging as the ‘Red Devils’ are still in search for their former glory days in the Premier League. With heavy link ups of top players at the club with other European interests, the assumed rebuilding of the team is underway with former player and current boss Ole Solskjaer trying to pull … Read more