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An analysis of why Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo ended his highly successful tenure at Real Madrid to join Juventus

An analysis of why Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus finally confirmed the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid for a fee of £99.2m, as it was recently confirmed. Though there were a lot of speculations going around as to whether or not the deal would happen, it eventually did. The fans of the La Liga giants were not really pleased about it, but wished one of their favourite stars adieu, as he moved to Italy after 9 years of service to the club. He won multiple titles with Los Blancos and became one of their all-time bests.

With that being said, a lot of fans and pundits were shocked when they came to know that the deal had actually gone through. However, whether one likes what Ronaldo does or not, the move is really smart on his part.
What more can a player do at a club, when he has already helped them win Europe’s top cup competition, three consecutive times in a row? Apart from that, Real has also won the La Liga, Copa del Rey and other titles too. As a player, Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or four times as well, during his tenure at the Bernabeu. It was high time for a new challenge and the move had to come.

On the other hand, if we consider from the point of view of building a bigger fan-base, the move makes even more sense. After winning over the fans from England and Spain (though he is obviously a global star), it was high time to earn the respect and love of the Italian fan base that would call him their own. What better way to do that, than to join the biggest club in Italy at present!

From a business point of view, the money was good and Juve were ready to pay what Ronaldo wanted. At the age of 33, it is not often that a player gets sold for a fee of nearly £100m and is still at the top of his game.
Also, the player’s current wage demands are really high and it is something that only a few clubs including his former club Manchester United and the Italians could afford to pay. The Red Devils too were keen to sign him, but Juve offered the big bucks and pushed through a deal. However, it has been confirmed that the player took a pay cut to make the deal happen, which shows how keen he was to leave.

The tax fraud and the politics around it was the major reason for this, as it was what led to his falling out with Perez in the first place. The Real Madrid president did not back the Portugal international during his income tax trial publically, which saw the forward get a prison sentence and he eventually had to pay a fine of £16.5m. Not something that would make your best player happy.

Talking about age, he is moving towards the end of his career now and it is high time to step away from the Messi-Ronaldo rivalry and focus on better things like fitness, in order to continue playing for a longer time.

It is best that you leave on a high when you are on top of your game and have done it all, rather than when you are falling down and are kicked out. With the likes of Asensio and co., the future of the club is in good hands. This is a really smart move on Ronaldo’s part and the fans should accept the fact that he wants younger talents to take charge and be the face of the club, as surely someday even the maestro had to retire from the game.

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