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La Masia is the best academy that’s had a long production line of footballers. People who tend to progress through the youth academy of Barcelona usually tend to remain loyal to their clubs, barring the occasional bad apple that tends to make a bad cry out for a move or a suspension. But what La Masia also instills is a certain good character.

Speaking of which, Andres Iniesta has in abundance. He has the poise of a masterclass and the tenacity to pick out an inch-perfect pass or construct an attacking play. Having started out his career as a defensive midfielder, he later progressed into an attacking midfielder of great stature. He also has incredible leadership qualities. This coupled with the fact that he has a penchant for special goals is something that has helped him revere himself to the fans of the Camp Nou where he’s won silverware aplenty.

He is an extraordinaire when it comes to dribbling prowess and makes a living out of making the midfield his own. Along with this, he also carries the team forward and controls the speed of game which earns him rave reviews from players and managers alike. It has to be noted that many footballers like Messi, Busquets and co. were under the tutelage of Iniesta as he not only helped them settle into the main team, but also strengthened his own influence on the team to a very large extent.

Iniesta has been a one-club merchant until now and is a dream to play with for every professional footballer, but it’s a shame for them as he might end his career at Barcelona, unless he performs a La- Xavi Hernandes in moving to a lesser known league for a Swansong appearance.

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