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Having a midfield maestro in your ranks could be a manager’s delight. Modric is definitely that as he has gone onto become one of the best midfielders in the modern era. He started off at Dinamo Zagreb, where many clubs began to take notice of the pocket-sized dynamo. Modric began his career as an attacking midfielder as he had the ability to dictate the game as well as orchestrate attacks.

Overtime, he moved into a deeper role as he aged and learnt his trade better. After his formative years in Croatia, he was picked up by Tottenham Hotspur. It’s in London where he began to fine-tune his game as he became a pin-point passer of the ball. He was a layman’s Pirlo in all the senses as he could fit in next to any player and make him look world class too.

Goal-scoring has never been Modric’s forte as he has reached double figures in only one season and that was at Zagreb, when he was an advanced attacker. His time in London was so good that Real Madrid agreed to pay 30 million Euros for his services. It wasn’t a Galactico signing by any means, but it was a player that was much required. Sat next to Toni Kroos, he’s developed into the world’s finest midfielders.

Able to take scrumptious long shots or being able to spot long passes and short ones at the same time, Modric has all the makings of a footballing legend. He has garnered quite an extensive name for himself in his home nation for his various exploits and has also become the main figure in the Croatian National Team. It’s shocking how he’s already aged 32, but his current club will definitely miss him once he retires or leaves the club.