Javagal Srinath says Pacers need to understand naunces of reverse swing

Former Indian pacer Javagal Srinath stressed on the use of reverse swing to get wickets for Indian bowlers. He said that in Indian conditions, the reverse is far more effective. He said, “Early mornings and late evening conditions assist pacers. I assure you that that in our conditions, reverse swing can be more effective than normal swing. Indian wickets facilitate reverse swing regularly and it is up to the bowlers to seize the opportunities which come their way.

He added, “Pacers have to be ready to understand the nuances of reverse swing,” he says, stressing on focus and staying in the moment, “recognizing when exactly the conditions start aiding them. Reverse swing can rescue you even on flat tracks.”

  • Giving a piece of advice to the Indian bowlers, he said, “If they see Test match cricket as a long, tiring endeavour, too much hard work on flat, lifeless tracks, that’s just how it’s going to be. Negative thinking hasn’t taken anyone anywhere. With such an attitude, one of them will come in and play two matches, then someone else will replace him and the chain goes on. Every bowler should put up his hand and ask to be counted, he should approach this string of matches with the mindset of playing all 13 games.”