5 Best Golf Courses in Spain 2024: Tips for Golfers

5 Best Golf Courses in Spain 2024: Tips for Golfers

Spain, with its pleasant climate and stunning landscapes, has long been a favored destination for golf enthusiasts. In 2024, the country’s golf courses continue to draw players from around the globe, offering a mix of challenging play and breathtaking views. This guide highlights the five best golf courses in Spain, providing tips to enhance your golfing experience.

1. Real Club Valderrama, Andalusia


Real Club Valderrama stands as a beacon of golfing excellence in Spain. Known for its pristine condition and challenging layout, this course has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments.

Playing at Valderrama is a memorable experience, thanks to its well-maintained fairways and greens. Golfers should focus on accuracy over distance and be prepared for the challenging par-5 17th hole, known as “Los Gabiones.” Carrying extra balls is advisable due to the dense cork oak forests lining the fairways.

2. PGA Catalunya Resort, Catalonia

PGA Catalunya Resort is a gem in the heart of Catalonia, offering two outstanding courses: the Stadium Course and the Tour Course. The resort is renowned for its beautiful setting and top-tier facilities.

The Stadium Course at PGA Catalunya, crafted by Neil Coles and Angel Gallardo, stands as the pinnacle of golfing excellence in the region. This course is not only the heart of golf holidays in Spain but also known for its rigorous layout, adorned with water hazards and bunkers placed with strategic finesse. Among its many highlights, the signature par-3 13th hole captures the essence of golfing in Spain, presenting not just a challenging tee shot over water but also breathtaking vistas that epitomize the beauty of golf holidays in this vibrant country.

3. Finca Cortesin, Costa del Sol


Finca Cortesin, set against the backdrop of the Andalusian mountains, merges luxury with top-notch golfing. Its course is a testament to Spain’s golfing allure, blending natural beauty with challenging play.

Designed by Cabell Robinson, Finca Cortesin’s layout is both beautiful and demanding. The course stretches over 7,000 yards, featuring varied terrain, from rolling hills to olive groves. Golfers must navigate carefully around the well-placed bunkers and water hazards that pepper the course.

4. Club de Golf Alcanada, Mallorca

Club de Golf Alcanada, located on the picturesque island of Mallorca, is the epitome of island golfing. With stunning sea views and a layout that complements the natural terrain, Alcanada is a must-visit for golfers.

To succeed at Alcanada, golfers should focus on course management and the strategic placement of shots, especially given the sea breezes that can affect ball flight. The course’s beauty can be distracting, so maintaining focus is key. Additionally, visiting the practice range to adjust to the course’s conditions is recommended.

5. La Reserva Club Sotogrande, Andalusia


La Reserva Club Sotogrande is a relatively new addition to Spain’s golfing scene but has quickly gained a reputation for its quality and exclusivity. Set within a luxurious estate, the course offers a unique golfing experience.

This modern course, designed by Cabell Robinson, is known for its wide fairways and large greens, providing a fair test for golfers of all levels.


Golfing in Spain is an experience that combines the love for the sport with the appreciation of natural beauty and cultural richness. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer seeking a challenge or a casual player looking to enjoy a round in a scenic setting, these courses offer something for everyone.

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