Grayson Allen gained quite a reputation while playing at Duke.

The guard became known as a dirty player during his four years with the Blue Devils for multiple incidents of tripping and other antics.

That story followed him all the way to the NBA, and while there have been incidents around the league, the severity of his discretion has lessened. On Friday night, however, the Duke version of Allen seemed to return.

Why was Grayson Allen ejected against the Bulls?

Allen was whistled for a hard foul on Alex Caruso in the third quarter of the Bucks-Bulls matchup at Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum. He got a Flagrant 2 call and an automatic ejection.

There’s no debate about whether it’s a hard foul, especially given Caruso’s hard fall to the ground. Caruso suffered a wrist injury on landing.

“The guy just grabbed me out of the air. Kind of bullshit, y’all,” Caruso said after the game.

Was Allen’s reputation for unnecessary physical contact a factor when the umpires reviewed the play? We will never know. Could that be a factor in the Bucks being Allen’s third team in four years in the NBA? We will never know.

One thing is for sure: his reputation in college will always come to the fore when he gets into an altercation in the league.

Bulls coach Billy Donovan also brought up Allen’s story in his postgame comments. He said the fault was “very very bad” and “could have ended” Caruso’s career. Donovan expects the NBA to take a hard look at the play.