The Suns’ Javale McGee stayed true to his word, signing a copy of a photo of the Warriors’ iconic Juan Toscano Anderson dunk on him in the two teams’ meeting on December 3.

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“That’s the best dunk I’ve ever done in the game,” Toscano Anderson said after the December 3 game. “I mean, on a 7-foot meter, in the NBA. It’s the perfect Sunday for me. Picture. I think I’m going to hang it at my mom’s house.”

Anthony Slater’s video was quoted on Twitter by McGee, who said, “Congratulations young man, I’ll sign it for you!”

In return, McGee promised to sign his photo when the two teams meet.

So when Warriors and Suns met again on Christmas Day, McGee stayed true to his word and signed a copy of the photo for Toscano Anderson, jokingly adding an expletive that Toscano Anderson edited with emojis.

The Warriors forward tweeted that McGee was an honorable man who kept his word and wished him a Merry Christmas.

McGee quoted his response on Twitter: “Man of my word! All the love, young friend!”

The Warriors won the Christmas Day battle, but the two teams are scheduled to meet one more time during the regular season on March 30. Golden State leads the season series, 2-1.