Denver Nuggets Austin Rivers responded to Warriors announcers Bob Fitzgerald and Kelenna Azubuike, who said they made “disrespectful” comments about him and his teammate, Facundo Campazzo, during Denver’s 89-86 win at Golden State on Tuesday.

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During the broadcast, the two announcers hinted that the only thing Rivers received a huge contract was because his father was a Clippers coach at the time, and then they taunted Campazzo by trying to mimic an Argentine accent.

Rivers responded via a comment on an Instagram post.

“His comments about me and Facu were beyond disrespectful. I averaged 11 points per game, 12 points per game and 16 points per game off the bench for a loaded Clippers team. While you were a two-way gamer … did you still call me overpaid? Do you know how many players in the league won more than I did without making even half? And I still do now! But because of my last name, it is easy to insult and run away. It sure isn’t professional, “he wrote.

Azubuike and Fitzgerald started their back and forth while Rivers was at the free throw line.

“He got a big contract extension when, oh wait, his dad was the coach,” Fitzgerald said. “It seemed to work fine.”

Azubuike asked, “Are you saying there was some nepotism there?” to which Fitzgerald said, “I’m just saying, if you’re going to give the money, better give it to your son.”

A short time later, the two faced Campazzo, who felt he was acting to take a foul. They continued to mock him with attempts at an Argentine accent.

Fitzgerald asked: “Well, what is the main sport in Argentina?”

Azubuike replied: “Soccer, that’s what I was thinking. There he looked like a soccer player. “

The Nuggets were due to host the Warriors on Thursday, but the game was postponed.