On Wednesday, Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. surprised the Wizards with a triple winner on the buzzer.

As impressive as Porter’s buzzer was, it was Wizards announcer Glenn Consor’s comment that outraged several basketball minds on Twitter.

What did the Wizards announcer say about Kevin Porter Jr.’s game winner?

“Kevin Porter Jr., like his father, pulled the trigger at the right time,” Consor said as NBC Sports Washington executed the replay of Porter’s shot.

Why was the Wizards announcer’s comment insensitive?

As Braddeaux noted in a related tweet thread, Consor’s comments are “unforgivable,” given that Porter’s father, Kevin Porter Sr., served four and a half years in prison for first-degree murder in the murder of a 14-year-old. old. elderly woman, who, according to a witness, was the result of the accidental discharge of Porter’s semi-automatic weapon.

Porter Jr. was born after his father’s release from prison, but the elderly Porter died of gun violence when he was shot five times and killed in July 2004, months after Porter Jr.’s fourth birthday.

In response, Lakers superstar LeBron James took to Twitter to admonish Consor’s comments.

James’ defense of Porter comes just a week after Porter spoke about their relationship and told reporters that “Bron is a big brother to me.”

Consor took to Twitter to apologize to Porter, his family and the Rockets organization, saying, “I mistakenly thought Kevin was the son of former Washington player Kevin Porter and did not know which words I chose to describe his winning shot to be hurtful or insensitive in any way. “

Who is the Kevin Porter who played for the Bullets?

As stated in the apology, Consor’s comment was the result of an identity mistake, as there was a different Kevin Porter who was drafted by the Washington franchise in 1972, spending six of his 10 years with the team while they were acquaintances. like Baltimore, Capital, and Washington Bullets.

Consor’s comments are doubly insensitive given the franchise’s history, as the team changed the name from the Bullets to Wizards in 1996 due to the name’s connotation of street violence.

Porter of The Bullets, who was born in 1950, has no relationship with Porter Jr. of the Rockets, who was born in 2000.