Anthony Edwards has become one of the most universally liked players in the NBA, and what’s not to love?

On the court, he’s absolutely electrifying. He has already delivered Dunk of the Year candidates, game-winning shots and smashed some records along the way, proving himself well-worthy of his No. 1 overall selection in the 2020 NBA Draft – and he’s only 20-years-old.

Off the court, he’s glowingly charismatic and confident, making for an enjoyably hilarious soundbite any time he has a microphone in front of him.

Simply put, Anthony Edwards has become the best quote in the NBA, and every press conference and interview turns into must-see or must-read material.

In a wide range of topics, from his ability to go pro in any sport to his take on chunky versus smooth peanut butter and using a flip phone in 2023, here’s a look at some of Edwards’ most quotable moments.

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Anthony Edwards-ism: The best quote in the NBA

In an interview with Bally Sports North reporter Marney Gellner, Edwards let us know he could go pro in any sport:

“I could’ve went to the MLB. … I was fourth, fifth hitter, you know what that means: straight clean-up on aisle three.

“Tennis, swimming, lacrosse… whatever you need me to play, I’m gonna go do it. If it’s some money on the line, I’m gonna go do it.”

In that same interview, on wanting a lion but settling for dogs during quarantine:

“I mean, I was bored. And I’ve always loved dogs. I love dogs, or like lions or something. But I knew I couldn’t get no lions because I ain’t got the house for it.

“So I’m just gon’ get me some dogs.”

In an interview with GQ’s Tyler R. Tynes, on Timberwolves’ new part-owner Alex Rodriguez:

Tynes: So…you really don’t know who A-Rod is, huh?

Edwards: Well…I do now!

Tynes: What did you learn in the last few days about the dude who might own your team?

Edwards: They told me he’s a Hall of Famer. Somebody told me he’s like the Michael Jordan of baseball.

Tynes: You didn’t watch any games or highlights to verify that with your own eyes?

Edwards: Nah, I ain’t watch none, nah. I know I have dated J-Lo, though!

Tynes: He does not.

Edwards: Que?

Tynes: I used to date J-Lo, but they just broke up.

Edwards: Damn!

In the same interview, trying to name baseball players he knows:

Edwards: I know Ortiz.

Tynes: Which Ortiz?

Edwards: The hitta! The dude who be hittin’ home runs!

Tynes: On what team?

Edwards: He plays for the Red Sox.

Tynes: Dave Ortiz?

Edwards: Big Daddy Ortiz! That’s his name ainnit?

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On his growth spurt to 6-foot-6 over the offseason following his rookie year:

“This is a very Ant thing. He told me, ‘Don’t let me get to 6’6″ or I’ll be Michael Jordan,'” Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch said, per Chris Hine of the Star Tribune.

In an interview with ESPN at Summer League, on what he did for fun during the offseason:

“I got baptized at Lake Minnetonka. Hit a couple backflips. Swimming,” Edwards said.

“Can you swim?” ESPN’s Monica McNutt asked.

“Yeah! Like Michael Phelps!”

From The Athletic’s Jon Krawczynski, on going up against Giannis Antetokounmpo:

“With a guy like that, you can’t stress about him scoring. That’s what he’s gonna do. Muh-F––s like 7-2, 280 pounds. S––, we put four people on him and he’ll still score the ball.”

From Timberwolves writer/podcaster Dane Moore, on his peanut butter preferences:

Ahead of one of Minnesota’s back-to-backs this season:

Per Moore, Patrick Beverley told the team whatever they did in LA on the last back-to-back, don’t do that tonight.

Edwards said they’re gonna all play Call of Duty “until they get sleepy.”

On owning a flip phone in the year 2023:

According to Moore, when asked if that was a flip phone, Edwards said, “yeah, that’s my baby.”

On who the best rim protector in the league is:

“Anytime I go against Porzingis, I don’t get no layups,” Edwards said after a game against the Jazz, according to Hine of the Star Tribune. “I don’t get why we couldn’t finish on Rudy Gobert.

“I don’t put no fear in my heart. I don’t know why.”

On the Trail Blazers’ PA announcer calling Anfernee Simons “Ant” against the Timberwolves:

“I don’t know why they call him Ant. How is his name spelled? ANF. So I don’t get it. I think they should call him a different name. My name is ANT. I think they should call him a different name. His name is ANF. But as far as basketball players, he’s really good. He makes tough shots. He defends. Like, he can play.

“So if they want to call him Ant, then call him Ant Number 2. But it’s cool.”

On what it felt like to be in the zone after scoring 40 points against the Trail Blazers:

“Um… I feel like Black Jesus.”

Edwards gave a tribute to Michael Jordan with this one, who was sometimes referred to as “Black Jesus” by his teammates and peers back in his prime.