This winter, Clint Frazier stars in “Escape from New York.”

The Cubs’ new outfielder signed a contract with Chicago on December 1 after being released by the Yankees in November. In all, Frazier’s career with the Yankees was more sizzling than steak: He hit .239 over four seasons in New York, totaling a 0.2 bWAR player in 228 games.

Some of it was inconsistent game, while most of it was inconsistent playing time: The outfielder was constantly shuffled between the Triple-A team and the Major League Baseball roster, while injuries also played a role in his release.

However, Frazier is quite glad it happened. On Twitter for the first time since signing with the Cubs, the 27-year-old responded to a fan who said he was glad Frazier was leaving New York pinstripes:

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Frazier sent out a series of tweets Tuesday reinforcing his appreciation for being a puppy:

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Some highlights from the tweet series:

“For leaving my razor at home.” – Frazier refers to his constant cab ride between the Major League Baseball roster and Scranton in four seasons with New York.

“I will continue to use the number 77 as well; I applied for the number 7, but unfortunately it was taken away from me, which marks the first time I asked for that number.” – Frazier got caught up in a really silly controversy when reports indicated that he applied for number 7 while he was with the Yankees. That number was obviously retired for the great Mickey Mantle. Some Yankees fans and members of the Yankees media treated the event as sacrilege, but it was later reported that Frazier did not actually request the number.

“That I’m happy, I’m in the cubs has nothing to do with the Yankees fans. It has to do with the fact that I am happy to be able to play in a place where I will have a better chance to play” – Frazier lost his He worked more than once through injury, but also outfielder Brett Gardner, who was rehired before the start of the 2023 season, costing Frazier a spot in the outfield.

The Yankees acquired Frazier as part of a trade that sent Andrew Miller to Cleveland in 2017. Frazier, a former No. 5 pick in the MLB Draft, was once praised by Yankees general manager Brian Cashman for having a “legendary bat speed”.

Now, Frazier will have a chance to show that in “Second City” with his third franchise.