Copa Sudamericana 2023 Fixtures are here

Copa Sudamericana 2023 is the conmebol Sudamericana. Originally, this was the 21st edition of the South American Secondary Club Football Tournament assembled by Conmebol. Not only this, but the winners of this cup also get the right to play against the winners of the 2023 Copa Libertadores. Check Copa Sudamericana 2023 Fixtures are here.

As a result, they automatically enter the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. Needless to say, 2023 Copa Sudamericana is the biggest tournament in South America. At the same time the best teams here compete for a big title. It's not just a football event and it's much more than that.

South American Cup 2023 Fixtures are here

South American Cup 2023 Fixtures are here
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The competition in 2023 starts with a lot of excitement. The excitement of the fans here shook the stadium. Not only that, there is a lot of emotion mixed with the excitement of the fans. However, twenty-four teams entered the tournament.

But you will be amaze to hear that not everyone has the right to enter the tournament stage. I also do not understand what kind of rules it is! Similarly 2020 Copa Sudamericana starts on 4th March.

Along with the Copa Sudamericana, the Copa Libertadores is also considered to be a very high level sport. Most importantly, not everyone qualifies for the Copa Libertadores.


The only team to have won the Copa Sudamericana title twice so far as defending champions. And the name of that team is Brazil. Not only Brazil but three other teams have won two titles each.

And those three teams tied themselves for first place on the record table. However, a total of 44 teams have joined the competition this time.

And these 44 teams have emerged from 10 conmebol associations. Of which there are six berths for Argentina and Brazil.

Similarly there are four berths for all other associations. Each of these berths is considered as following the entry stage.

However, there are twelve teams from Argentina and Brazil in the group stage. At the same time there are 32 teams in the first phase, which are teams from all other associations.


This event has its own format. The first such round is called a fast league round. Then there is a second round called Group stage. Finally, those who qualify from the group stage are played in the Round of Sixteen.

The fast leg round started on March 9. And the game continues until March 18.

Similar group stage matches start from 6th April. In this group stage, matches are played in six stages. The last stage, ie stage 6 ends on 27th May.

Then came the Round of Sixteen. Here the game is played in two stages. At the same time, Round of Sixteen's Stage One game started on June 29.

The first stage game has been continued until 1st July. Now come to the second stage of the Round of Sixteen.

Which is going to start on 6th July. And this stage will continue until 8th July.

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