The fight between a former NBA star and a former NFL star looked exactly as you’d expect – lots of punches, a fair amount of pauses, and a lot of excitement.

Former point guard Deron Williams proved early that his 9-inch reach advantage would make the difference against former running back Frank Gore in a clash that featured little defense. They both went out the door shooting at each other, and the second round featured many clashes that required stoppages by the referee.

But in the third round, Williams landed a decisive takedown from Gore, forcing his opponent to hold onto the rope to avoid falling. The judges scored the fight with a split decision in favor of Williams in the four-round exhibition (40-35, 38-37, 37-38).

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Despite winning the fight, Williams confirmed to Showtime’s Ariel Helwani that he had no interest in returning to the ring.

“Honestly, I probably looked terrible out there. I feel like in my last five sparring sessions, I was on point, my head wasn’t going up,” Williams said. “As soon as you get out of here, you start to get touched, it’s completely different – all your training goes out the window. It was fun, I was glad I had a chance to get out here and do it. But since I was thinking of coming in on this, I’m one and that’s it. “

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Sporting News tracked live updates during the fight. Read on to find out what happened in Gore vs. Williams.

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Frank Gore vs. Deron Williams updates, highlights

(All the eastern time)

10:46 pm: Williams leaves no doubt about the future of his wrestling career – he’s one and that’s it.

10:44 pm: Williams named the winner of the exhibition by split decision: 38-37 Williams, 38-37 Gore, 40-35 Williams.

Round 4 (10:39 pm): Williams starts over with some punches. Gore connects mid-round, causing Williams to face him. Gore sends another shot after they part ways. The last minute passes calmly. Williams walks to her corner with her arms raised. Gore returns looking exhausted.

10:36 pm: The next round will be the last of this exhibition fight.

Round 3 (10:35 pm): These two face each other again and hit each other with blows. Williams throws Gore against the ropes before Gore can turn him around. Gore tries to hold on, but Williams connects several shots and the referee starts the count on Gore, who can continue. Gore and Williams trade right-handers. Williams continues to control the round, although he had more grabs than the previous two.

Round 2 (10:31 pm): Gore tries to be the aggressor to start, but Williams fights back and lands some headshots. Gore starts shooting some headshots and Williams ties him to the ropes. Gore connects with another right hand. Williams fights back and then knocks Gore down, under the ropes and almost out of the ring. The referee should ask for the fight to stop. Once Gore is back on his feet, he fights Williams and throws him against the ropes, causing another stoppage. The fight quickly resumes and the two exchange blows. Gore falls after Williams pushes him again.

Round 1 (10:26 pm): Williams starts early with a heavy hit on Gore. Gore has landed a few punches, but Williams has made the most of his reach advantage early in the round. They fight a bit and the referee has to break it several times. With just under a minute to go, Williams lands several shots on Gore, who can duck and escape serious trouble near the ropes.

10:22 pm: As the two fighters enter the ring, Gore, a Miami native and product of the Hurricanes, receives the loudest cheering. Williams is showered with boos.

10:18 pm: Williams now walks into the ring. He is putting on his MMA gym equipment, Fortis MMA.

10:16 pm: Gore comes out wearing a Halo Spartan helmet. That’s a great entry to make.

10:05 pm: Paro has been declared the winner by split decision against Alamo. Next up: Gore vs. Williams.

9:50 pm: Williams-Gore will take place after the end of the Liam Paro vs. Yomar Alamo fight, which is currently in the eighth round.

Start time of the fight between Frank Gore and Deron Williams

  • Hour: 9 pm ET | 6 p.m. Pacific Time
  • Main event: Midnight ET | 9 p.m. Pacific Time (approx.)

The undercard for Paul-Woodley 2 is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. ET on Saturday, December 18. Gore and Williams will head to the ring at some point after that, depending on the results of previous fights (and when the fighters are scheduled to fight).

How to watch Frank Gore vs. Deron Williams

  • Television channel: Show time
  • Live broadcast (PPV):, Showtime app
  • PPV price: $ 59.99

The fight will be on pay-per-view through Showtime. Once the pay-per-view is purchased for $ 59.99, fans can watch the fight on the Showtime website or on the Showtime app.

Outside of the US, Latin America, Brazil and the Caribbean, the fight is available on

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Fight Card 2

  • Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley; cruise weights
  • Amanda Serrano against Miriam Gutiérrez; women’s light weights
  • Anthony Taylor vs. Chris Avila; super middleweights
  • Deron Williams defeat. Frank Gore by split decision (40-35, 38-37, 37-38).
  • J’Leon Love against Marcus Oliveira; cruise weights
  • Liam Paro vs. Yomar Alamo; super light weights