The Boston Celtics turned the ball over on 23 costly occasions in their three-point loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night.

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Boston had only done it six times in the last ten years.

Playing without Jaylen Brown, who is out with a hamstring injury, Jayson Tatum stepped up, scoring 29 final points with ten rebounds, but also had six of the team’s 23 turnovers.

Boston went 8-0 to rebound from a 21-point deficit to tie at five with just 3:59 remaining in regulation time, but it was ultimately their turnovers that cost them the game. They were within one point in the final ten seconds of the game, allowing Los Angeles to hold on.

“We didn’t do ourselves any favors just by giving them points,” Boston coach Ime Udoka said.

Boston gave up 33 points on turnovers. Against a Clippers team playing without Paul George, the Celtics gave up 63 points in the first half, allowing the Clippers to shoot 55 percent from the floor and also gave up 30 points inside the paint.

“Effort and inconsistency are frustrating sometimes”, Udoka said.

The Clippers got one career game from Brandon Boston Jr, who finished with 27 points, four steals and five scoring three-point field goals.

The Celtics are now 1-3 on their road trip to Phoenix, followed by home games against Milwaukee and Golden State. If the Celtics repeat their performance tonight, it could get pretty ugly for the next three games.