It took Stephen Curry 28 feet and less than half a quarter to become the NBA’s all-time leader in 3s on Tuesday night, passing Ray Allen for the all-time mark.

With the Warriors facing the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, it took Curry two 3-pointers to break the record, and started off with a bang when he nailed a 29-foot shot to give the Warriors an early 5-2 lead in just over a minute. A few minutes later, Curry, as he is known for doing, stopped well behind the arc and fired another 3, this one from 28 feet, which came in to give the Warriors a 12-10 lead.

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At halftime, TNT’s ‘Inside the NBA’ team weighed in on Curry’s achievement along with the rest of the sports world.

For panelist Kenny “The Jet” Smith, it wasn’t just Curry’s achievement that stood out, but the totality of the moment and the experience.

“The ability to not just be in the moment, but all the pregame antics, talk to Reggie (Miller), hug mom and dad, do all of that and keep playing basketball, that’s even more impressive,” Smith. saying. “For Golden State as a team, this is like ring night when you win your championship ring. It’s hard to focus and you’re thinking about everything other than the actual game.”

Coach Steve Kerr focused on the actual game, although he admitted he was “more emotional” than expected. He also hoped fans would remember that the Warriors won the game and were down 48-47 at halftime.

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A discussion also emerged about how far Curry’s record will go and whether it will be eclipsed at some point in the near or distant future.

That’s where Smith and his TNT teammate Shaquille O’Neal varied in their evaluations.

O’Neal, who spoke about how the game has changed in terms of sheer volume of 3s thrown, seemed to think that given various factors, Curry’s record would be safe.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing when he gets to 1,300 games. What will the number be? And that’s why I say categorically that he still has four or five, six years to go,” O’Neal said. “By the time it’s over, his record won’t be broken.”

If the 1,300 figure seems arbitrary, it isn’t – that’s the number of games Ray Allen played in throughout his career on his way to setting the previous record. For reference, Curry outshined Allen by 789 games, or nearly the equivalent of six full 82-game seasons.

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Smith, however, again pointed to the volume and, as the broadcast noted, Allen made 15 3-pointers in a game just four times in his career. Curry already has 10 games this season with more than 15 3-point attempts.

“I don’t think a man is the best shooter, but he will have more volume,” Smith said. “When Reggie and I came in, they were shooting five 3s as a team. Here, now they are shooting 34 as a team. Five years from now, they could be shooting 50 to 55 3s.”

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As for what the future holds, and the trajectory of 3-point shots in the league, that remains to be seen. But as long as the skilled and prolific three-point shooters led by Curry remain in the league, that’s what Charles Barkley wants to take.

“My problem is, I don’t want guys who can’t hit 3s. That’s my problem with all 3-point shots. I want Steph, Klay (Thompson), James (Harden), Kevin (Durant), I want all the great shooters take. triples, “Barkley said. “But the problem we have in the NBA is homeless take 3s. That’s my problem with all 3s. Not everyone can be a great 3-point shooter. Please stop.”