Exploring 7 Lesser-Known Sports for Leisure

Exploring 7 Lesser-Known Sports for Leisure

Many who want to adopt an active lifestyle lean towards playing different sports during their free time. Apparently, many kinds of sports engage the whole body, promoting mobility and overall physical well-being. While basketball and football are quite popular among many individuals, some lesser-known sports yield the same benefits as the common ones.

To learn more about these unconventional games that you might want to try for leisure, refer to the list we have prepared for you. Let’s explore the benefits of participating in these sports and why you should play them as a hobby.

Why Try Unconventional Sports

In a world where many people enjoy watching and betting on sports events more than playing them, it’s important to find ways to make sports more inviting and enjoyable.

Given the massive digital transformation experienced globally, from big leagues and fantasy sports to casino games like online roulette and poker, it’s evident that many are drawn to playing and following sports in front of their screens.

The benefits of engaging ourselves in a sport requiring physical movements are incomparable to just scrolling through our phones. For this reason, different variations of regular sports were introduced.

To help you understand these sports and figure out which could work for you, here’s a guide to help you.

1. Archery Tag


Archery tag might be the best sport to try if you’re into competitive team sports. It’s like all-in dodgeball but with the involvement of a bow and arrow. It’s a challenging game between two teams attempting to hit each other with foam-tipped arrows.

John Jackson, Founder and CEO of Global Archery Products, first introduced the archery tag. It’s a safe and thrilling competitive game that many players of all ages can enjoy. Plus, it can cater to different team sizes.

More than all these, archery tag requires players to dodge arrows like a real warrior, engaging players in a full-body exercise as they slide, run, and dive to survive the game.

2. Bossaball

If you’re into volleyball, gymnastics, and football, there’s a game that features all these sports into one. It’s called bossaball. It’s a thrilling sport played on a designed inflatable platform with trampolines in the middle.

What makes this a unique sport is that it’s played in a rhythm called Bossa Nova tunes. While playing the game without the music is possible, it’s truly more enjoyable to play it with the tune, keeping the crowd excited and the players energetic.

3. Underwater Hockey


For those who want to play water sports, underwater hockey or octopush is a game to try. The rules are basically the same as regular hockey, only that players must move against the water’s resistance. Since the game involves many bilateral movements, this is highly beneficial for individuals who are trying to lose weight.

Moreover, the game is held in a tight space, allowing more opportunities for teamwork as players strategize to hit the goal. Also, underwater hockey prompts stamina and stability since it’s a game played over a given time, with each game lasting 33 minutes. The equipment you need to play the game are flippers, gloves, a snorkel, a mask, a ball, a helmet, and a hockey stick.

4. Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw, or kickball, is a game played in Southeast Asia. The main equipment used in this spot is a woven rattan ball played on a volleyball-style court. It involves two teams with three players, each playing specific positions in the game. The teams take turns in passing the ball without using their hands. This means players must use their knees, chest, head, and feet to pass the ball around.

The game improves an individual’s concentration since it requires players to pay close attention to the ball and control it by kicking it, ensuring it doesn’t fall on the ground. Moreover, it promotes eye-foot coordination, keeping players focused for the entire game.

5. Disc Golf


Disc golf is a casual twist to traditional golf. While regular golf requires players to play with clubs and goals, disc golf only requires a couple of discs and a basket or target to start playing the game. Additionally, disc golf is accessible to players of all genders and ages. Plus, it can be played in convenient locations like local parks and courses. It’s a simple and fun game you can play with family and friends outside your home.

6. Roller Derby

If you’re into roller skates and want to elevate your skating experience with a lot of cardio, roller derby might be the game for you. It’s a full-contact sport played in a fast-paced period. It’s a competitive sport played by two teams comprising 15 skaters each. This sport promotes inclusivity by welcoming players of all genders, promoting a safe space for all players.

7. Ultimate Frisbee


If you’re competitive but don’t want to engage in contact sports, ultimate frisbee is a good choice. Ultimate frisbee can be played outdoor 7v7 or indoor 5v5, with a pitch size similar to those of football.

The game requires hand-eye coordination as players stretch, swing, catch, and release the disc. It’s a full-body workout as you release happy hormones, boosting your mood throughout the day.


If you want to work on your personal growth and enjoyment, exploring the abovementioned lesser-known sports can be helpful. At some point in our lives, we must step out of our comfort zones and try other things, like the game on our list, allowing ourselves to experience a different level of thrill and delight.

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