The NBA announced Tuesday that it will change the format of the Rising Stars Challenge at All-Star Weekend 2023 in Cleveland.

What was once simply a matchup between the best rookies and sophomores in the league took a turn in recent seasons when the format changed to group rookies and sophomores by nationality into two teams: USA vs. World.

Now, under the new format, the Rising Stars Challenge will have a completely different look, consisting of a four-team, three-game tournament to decide a winner.

For a full explanation on how the new Rising Stars Challenge will work, take a look below.

New Rising Stars format at NBA All-Star Weekend, explained

The Rising Stars Challenge will now consist of four teams of seven players competing in a three-game, single-elimination mini-tournament. Each game will be played with a final target score.

How many players will compete in the Rising Stars event?

There will be a 28-player pool, made up of 12 rookies, 12 sophomores, and four members of the G League Ignite development team.

Who will train and how will the teams be selected?

Members of the NBA 75th Anniversary team and assistant coaches for the 2023 NBA All-Star Game will make up the coaching staff of each team.

Each team will select seven players, which will include one G League Ignite player per team.

How will the mini-tournament work?

You can find the three game single elimination tournament bracket below.

The first round games will be played with a final target score of 50. The championship round will be played with a final target score of 25. The games will be 5v5 and the scoring will be 2 and 3.

The competition consists of a “Race to 75” points, in honor of the NBA’s historic 75th anniversary season.

You can watch the new Rising Stars format on Friday, February 18 at 9 pm ET on TNT.