NBA fans have almost a lot of options these days with teams constantly updating their jerseys.

With various teams sporting new home and away colors, while also giving fans a taste of nostalgia by bringing back some of the most beloved throwback jerseys … That got us thinking, what other classic threads do we want? see on the court in the NBA?

As the NBA celebrates the second annual #NBAJerseyDay on December 14, here are the top 10 throwback jerseys that need to make a comeback.

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1. Route of the Philadelphia 76ers – 1997-2009

(NBA Getty Images)

After years of not wearing a black uniform, the 76ers City Editions 2020-21 brought back the color scheme, paying homage to Boathouse Row’s iconic sight.

Ben Simmons helped design the new uniforms, with the Australian point guard pushing to bring back the threads of the Allen Iverson era. “I took it upon myself to bring the black jersey back,” Ben Simmons told ESPN last year.

Iverson wore the 76ers black jersey when he lifted the MVP of the Year trophy in 2001, which only added to the nostalgia.

2. Orlando Magic – Get the pinstripes back

(NBA Getty Images)

Magic jerseys have been disappointing in recent years, as they sit in a throwback goldmine in their famous’ 90s pinstripes.

Immediately bringing back the vibes from the glory days of Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal, these pinstripes in white, black or blue are a must-have for Magic fans.

3. Chicago Bulls revisit italics

(NBA Getty Images)

Although the Bulls never won a championship in these uniforms, they maintain iconic status, symbolizing the beginning of the Michael Jordan era in 1984.

Has anyone looked cooler than MJ wearing this t-shirt with two gold chains at the 1985 Slam Dunk Contest? I do not think so.

They brought a version of these this year, just as a temporary alternative, but we’d like to see them make it permanent.

4. Toronto Raptors – Dino uniforms

(NBA Getty Images)

The Raptors brought them back in 2019-20 to celebrate the team’s 25th anniversary, but let’s go ahead and do it again.

The butt of many jokes in their day, these cartoon uniforms have aged gracefully, now becoming a must-have jersey for Raptors fans.

5. Phoenix Suns’ 90s themes

(NBA Getty Images)

I need to see Devin Booker throwing a 40 piece on these unis.

End of story.

6. Warriors x Run TMC

(NBA Getty Images)

We’ve already seen the Warriors return it to the ‘We Believe’ era, now is the time to bring the TMC threads back. Steph Curry stops from midfield at the Chase Center at these colleges just makes sense.

We bring back the ‘C’ in the chest while we’re at it.

7. Detroit Pistons – Motor City

(NBA Getty Images)

Detroit has leaned on its Motor City moniker on its jerseys in recent years, but nothing beats the original uniforms of the Grant Hill era.

These shirts are tan in white and red, but the teal version takes the cake.

8. Atlanta Hawks – Bring back the great Falcon

(NBA Getty Images)

I’m showing an unreasonable amount of love for 90s cartoon jerseys, but this is by far the best jersey the Hawks have ever produced.

The Hawks are sporting a version of these as their City Edition jerseys this year, but like I said for the Bulls italic jerseys, let’s make it permanent.

9. San Antonio Spurs – Pays tribute to the Iceman

(NBA Getty Images)

The Spurs have gone in the opposite direction with their City Edition uniforms in recent years, bringing back the bright colors of their Fiesta jerseys.

The simplicity of these 80’s George Gervin era threads has got to return at some point!

10. Miami Heat: another ’90s throwback

(NBA Getty Images)

The Miami Heat have had some of the best alternate jerseys in recent years with their ‘Vice City’ colourways, but the 1995-96 retro red alternates might be the only ones in their catalog that could top them.