It’s that moment again.

Closing the book on the year 2023, TSN is back with an updated list of our top 30 NBA players. Our first roster came before the 2023-22 season, but a lot has changed in recent months.

Before we get to the rankings, this is a reminder that these are rankings of players who have spoken up to this point in the season, which is why Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Jamal Murray, Ben Simmons, Klay Thompson and Zion Williamson are are among the players who were not eligible to receive votes.

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As always, the rankings were a collaborative effort, with 11 of our staff ranking their top 30 players in the league, with a sliding scale of points attached to each ranking from 1 to 30. From there, players are They ranked in order of total score.

Understood? Perfect. Let’s get to the rankings!

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10. James Harden, Nets

(Fake images)

Highest rank: 7

Lower range: sixteen

It’s no secret that Harden experienced his fair share of struggles to start the 2023-22 season, a fact that led our staff to have a variety of ideas on where to locate the former MVP. (Harden was ranked seventh and sixteenth.)

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That said, Harden’s talent was too much for most to ignore, as evidenced by his landing in the top 10. Harden closed out the month of December with back-to-back performances in his hometown against the Lakers and Clippers that could be a sign of things. by 2023.

9. Paul George, Clippers

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Highest rank: 7

Lower range: 14

George has risen to the occasion this season.

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In Kawhi’s absence, George has done his part to keep the Clippers afloat, averaging a career-high 24.5 points, 7.1 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game. George will miss the opening weeks of the new year with a torn UCL in his right elbow, but it should have an immediate impact on his return to the court.

8. Jimmy Butler, Heat

(Fake images)

Highest rank: 6

Lower range: 17

The MVP talks earlier in the season may have subsided, but Butler lands firmly in the top 10 despite also receiving a wide range of placements among voters. (Butler was ranked sixth and seventeenth.)

When on the floor, Butler has done it all for Miami this season, averaging 22.5 points, 6.1 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 2.2 steals while shooting more than 50 percent from the field. The Heat have dealt with a host of injuries to start the season, but 2023 looks to be more promising as Butler is at the forefront of what Miami hopes will be another Finals race.

7. Joel Embiid, 76ers

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Highest rank: 6

Lower range: eleven

Embiid lands in the same place as his preseason rankings and for good reason.

The Philadelphia All-NBA center remains as dominant as ever, averaging more than 20 points and more than 10 rebounds for the fifth consecutive season. Among Embiid’s most dominant performances this season are a 42-point, 14-rebound display after a tough fight with COVID, a 43-point, 15-rebound performance finished off with a dagger, and a 41-point, 10-rebound night out against a divisional rival. Take into account the defensive impact of Embiid and you have the seventh best player in the league.

6. Luka Doncic, Mavericks

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Highest rank: 6

Lower range: 9

A consensus pick in the top 10, Doncic lands in sixth place once again.

The Dallas child prodigy has been in and out of the lineup with lingering knee, ankle, and weather injuries in league health and safety protocols, but when he’s on the court, it’s easy to forget he’s still only 22. years. In a pretty bad year for Doncic and the Mavericks, he has his team in line to earn a consolidated berth in the playoffs with near-triple-double averages of 26.5 points, 8.5 assists and 8.0 rebounds. Imagine what happens when things look up for Doncic and the Mavs.

5. LeBron James, Lakers

(Fake images)

Highest rank: 3

Lower range: 5

At 37, LeBron remains one of the top five players in the NBA by consensus.

Let it steep for a moment.

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Things haven’t been very good for the Lakers this season, but it’s not James’ fault, who has been the only constant despite having some injuries earlier in the season. Despite losing additional time, James is among the league leaders in 30-point games this season, recently becoming the youngest to break the 36,000-point mark in his career.

At this point, we should stop wondering if, or when, Father Time will slow down James and he will just enjoy the ride. We will never see anyone like him again.

4. Nikola Jokic, Nuggets

(Fake images)

Highest rank: two

Lower range: 4

The reigning MVP moves up one spot to land in fourth place this time.

Even though the Nuggets have been decimated by injury, Jokic has kept them competitive and around the .500 mark throughout the 2023-22 season. In some ways, he appears to be even better than he was during his 2020-21 MVP campaign.

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Jokic has the innate ability to control the game from central position, standing out as a scorer, rebounder and playmaker, a fact that is evidenced by his averages of 25.9 points, 13.8 rebounds and 7.2 assists per game.

With uncertainty in the middle of the group in the Western Conference, Jokic could drive a deep run if Denver recovers at the right time.

3. Stephen Curry, Warriors

(Fake images)

Highest rank: one

Lower range: 5

The NBA’s triple king lands at number 3.

Curry, who is also improving in some ways over time, has been at the forefront of the Warriors’ resurgence to the top of the NBA. After two seasons of missing the NBA Playoffs, Golden State looks like one of the best suited teams to win an NBA title and Curry is a big reason.

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It’s always more than just shooting, but it’s impossible to overlook the fact that Curry is losing more than five triples a game and battling Durant for the league scorer title.

The year 2023 could see Curry add more hardware, be it another MVP trophy, another NBA title, or both.

2. Kevin Durant, Nets

(NBA Getty Images)

Highest rank: one

Lower range: 3

Not much has changed at this point, KD lands again at No. 2.

After coming up short in 2023, Durant has been on a mission this season, as expected. Despite Harden missing significant time and Irving’s inability to join the team until this point in the season, the Nets have remained atop the Eastern Conference thanks to Durant’s dominance.

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When it comes to MVP’s career, Durant has as strong a case as anyone, and he should only get stronger.

Even in his fourteenth season, Durant continues to improve, while continuing to display an elite ability to get the ball into the basket. At the end of the season, Durant could make his claim to surpass the number one spot.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks

(Fake images)

Highest rank: one

Lower range: 3

Who better, who else?

Antetokounmpo lands back at No. 1 as he has built on the momentum of an all-time Finals performance in a dominating start to the 2023-22 season. In today’s game, there is no player who can dominate both ends of the court like Giannis can.

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In a year in which availability has been tight for most teams, Milwaukee has faced a series of setbacks for key players, including Antetokounmpo. That said, in full force, the Bucks still seem poised to defend their crown and it all starts with Giannis.

He’s already accomplished so much at age 27, who can say the “back-to-back champion” isn’t next?

The final list

Rank Player Team Previous rank
one Giannis Antetokounmpo Dollars one
two Kevin During Networking two
3 Stephen Curry Warriors 4
4 Nikola Jokic Nuggets 5
5 Lebron James Lakers 3
6 Luka doncic Mavericks 6
7 Joel embiid 76ers 7
8 Jimmy butler Heat 12
9 Paul george Pair of scissors fifteen
10 James harden Networking 8
eleven Chris paul Suns 13
12 Damian Lillard Trail blazers 9
13 Devin booker Suns 14
14 Jayson tatum Celtics eleven
fifteen Anthony Davis Lakers 10
sixteen Donovan Mitchell Jazz 18
17 Bring young Hawks 17
18 DeMar DeRozan Bulls Not qualified
19 Already dwelling Grizzlies 28
twenty Rudy gobert Jazz 23
twenty-one Bam Adebayo Heat twenty
22 Khris middleton Dollars 22
23 Zach LaVine Bulls Not qualified
24 Draymond Green Warriors Not qualified
25 Bradley Beal Magicians twenty-one
26 Karl-Anthony Cities Timberwolves 26
27 Jrue vacation Dollars 27
28 LaMelo Ball Hornets Not qualified
29 Jaylen brown Celtics 25
30 Domantas Sabonis Pacemaker Not qualified