Brooklyn Nets assistant coach David Vanterpool deflected a pass during the fourth quarter of Wednesday night’s game against the Wizards that Washington ultimately lost by a point.

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Every possession counts during a close NBA game, and the Wizards were trying to turn around an 11-point deficit to the Nets. Vanterpool caused a turnover by reaching up the field and deflecting a pass.

Spencer Dinwiddie was passing the ball to Kyle Kuzma in the corner when Vanterpool reached out to deflect the pass and force the ball out of bounds. The Nets, who were leading 109-103 at the time of Vanterpool’s interference, fumbled on the play and won the game 119-118.

After the game, Kuzma called the decision, or lack thereof, “horses–t.”

Wizards interim head coach Joseph Blair said he was in “absolute disbelief.”

“You asked me if he could have touched it, there’s no chance, he did,” Blair said after the match. “My reaction was absolute disbelief. I’ve never seen anything like this in my long time in basketball that the referees didn’t see.”

It will be interesting to see what action the NBA takes against Vanterpool going forward.