High Stakes on and off the Field: Athletes Famous for Their Love of Gambling and Slots

High Stakes on and off the Field: Athletes Famous for Their Love of Gambling and Slots

Gambling has always been a popular pastime for many people, including professional athletes. With their competitive nature and affinity for risk-taking, it’s no surprise that some athletes have developed a reputation for enjoying high-stakes gambling and slot machines. In this article, we will explore some famous athletes who are known for their love of gambling and slots, and the impact it has had on their careers and personal lives.

Michael Jordan: A Legend On and Off the Court


When it comes to athletes and gambling, no name is more synonymous than Michael Jordan. The basketball icon is not only known for his unparalleled skills on the court but also for his affinity for high-stakes gambling. Jordan’s love for gambling, particularly on the golf course, has been well-documented, with stories of his extravagant bets and competitive nature becoming legendary. While his gambling habit hasn’t significantly impacted his career, it has occasionally attracted controversy and media scrutiny.

Charles Barkley: The Round Mound of Rebound and Risk

Another basketball legend, Charles Barkley, is no stranger to the allure of gambling. Barkley has openly admitted to having a gambling problem and has estimated that he has lost over $10 million throughout his life due to his love for casinos and sports betting. Despite his struggles, Barkley has been vocal about his efforts to control his gambling addiction and has become an advocate for responsible gambling. As part of his journey towards responsible gambling, Barkley has emphasized the importance of finding a balanced approach and seeking entertainment within safe and regulated platforms, such as online casinos like

John Daly: A Golfer with a Love for the Green (and the Casino)


While golf may seem like a more subdued sport compared to basketball, it hasn’t stopped some golfers from embracing the thrill of gambling. John Daly, known for his long drives and colorful personality, is one such golfer. Daly’s love for gambling, particularly slot machines, has been well-documented. He has been known to spend thousands of dollars in a single sitting at the casino. Daly’s gambling addiction has had a negative impact on his personal life, but he has sought help and has been in recovery since 2008.

Wayne Rooney: From the Pitch to the Poker Table

Moving away from the world of American sports, we find Wayne Rooney, the renowned English footballer. Rooney’s love for gambling, particularly poker, has often made headlines. He has been spotted playing high-stakes poker tournaments and has even hosted his own charity poker event. While Rooney’s gambling habits have not significantly affected his football career, they have occasionally drawn criticism from the media and fans.



Professional athletes are no strangers to high stakes, both on and off the field. Some athletes have found an outlet for their competitive nature and love for risk-taking through gambling and slots. While it can be a source of entertainment for them, it’s important to acknowledge the potential pitfalls that come with excessive gambling. Responsible gambling and seeking help when needed are crucial steps to ensure that athletes can continue to excel both in their sports careers and personal lives.

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