If the increase in players entering the league’s health and safety protocols wasn’t enough, the Knicks suffered a major setback with the news of Derrick Rose’s injury.

The 2010-11 MVP played a huge role off the bench for the team. The Knicks’ net rating would be over 5.8 when he’s on the court and that would change to a negative 7.3 when he’s on the bench.

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Here’s everything we know about Rose’s recent injury situation:

What is Derrick Rose’s injury?

The reason Derrick Rose missed the Knicks’ previous two games, at Celtics and vs. Pistons, it was declared an ankle problem.

Late on Wednesday, the Knicks declared successful surgery on Rose’s right ankle.

Before the ankle problem, he had played in 26 of the team’s 31 games and averaged 12.0 points, four assists and three rebounds on split shooting of 44.5 percent from the field, 40.2 from beyond the arc and 96.8 percent from the line. free throws. .

How long is Derrick Rose out?

As the Knicks PR tweet suggests, Rose will be re-evaluated in eight weeks, leading to the end of the 2023 All-Star break in late February.

Remember, it is a reevaluation after eight weeks, so Rose’s actual return schedule remains uncertain.

What is Derrick Rose’s injury history?

The 6-foot-2-inch injury has a long injury history, especially since his first major injury – the ACL injury in the 2012 playoffs. Given Rose’s style of play, it has been difficult to fully recover from that setback. initial.

Since injuries involving ankles, hamstrings and knees, Rose has missed numerous games since 2012. However, her evolution has allowed her to maximize her impact in limited minutes as she moved to a bench position since the 2018-19 season.

What is the next Knicks schedule?

Until the All-Star break in mid-February, the Knicks play 14 of their 28 games in New York at Madison Square Garden. Here’s a look at their upcoming schedule:

Date Adversary Hour National television
December 23th against magicians 7:30 pm
December 25th against hawks 12:00 pm ESPN
December 28th in Timberwolves 8:00 pm
December 29 in Pistons 7:00 pm
December 31st in Thunder 8:00 pm