The Clippers have taken another hit as they will be without star forward Paul George for the foreseeable future.

At Christmas, the team announced that George suffered an elbow injury that will be reevaluated in three to four weeks. George missed five games with an elbow injury earlier in the month and will now lose time after playing two games.

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This season, George is averaging 24.7 points, 7.1 rebounds and 5.5 assists for the Clippers, who are 14-12 when he adapts.

What’s next for George? Here’s what we know about his injury and his possible return to the court.

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What is Paul George’s injury?

According to the Clippers, George suffered a torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in his right elbow.

According to The AthleticGeorge’s problems with his right elbow date back to the 2018 offseason.

How long will Paul George be gone?

The Clippers’ statement says George will be reevaluated in 3-4 weeks, which means he will be out of the game for at least the next three weeks of action. Injury analyst Jeff Stotts reports that in the NBAUCL sprains have generally kept players out for about 28 days or 13 games of action.

George was already out of the game for two weeks in December, but it’s unclear whether his return to action made the injury worse.

LA is scheduled to speak 15 times in the next four weeks.

Upcoming Clippers schedule 2023-22

Date Adversary Time (ET)
December 26 against nuggets 21:00
December 27 against networks 10:30 pm
December 29 in the celtics 7:30 pm
December 31st in Raptors 7:30 pm
January 1 in the networks 7:30 pm
January 3 against Timberwolves 10:30 pm
January 6th in the suns 10:00 pm
January the 8th against Grizzlies 3:30 pm
January 9th against hawks 3:30 pm
January 11 against nuggets 10:30 pm