Saints quarterback Taysom Hill injured a finger on his throwing hand Thursday night when the hand struck the arm of a Cowboys defender. He played the remainder of the game, which the Saints ultimately lost 27-17.

On Friday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Hill suffered a hammer toe injury that is similar to the injury suffered by Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson earlier this season.

Hill was making his first start of the season as a New Orleans quarterback on Thursday. He was 3-1 as a starter last season in place of an injured Drew Brees.

Hill previously dealt with a concussion and foot injury this year. Here’s what you need to know about your current injury.

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What is Taysom Hill injury?

Doctors determined Friday that Hill suffered a hammer toe injury. The injury is reportedly not severe enough to require surgery, so Hill is very likely trying to overcome it.

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What is mallet finger?

Mallet finger injuries are not very common in soccer, but Russell Wilson suffered one in Week 5 of this season. According to Summit Orthopedics, hammer toe is an injury to the fingertip joint that occurs when an object hits a finger, which in turn tears the tendon on the top (or nail side) of the finger. . A person cannot straighten the finger when this happens, so the bent finger resembles a mallet.

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Not all hammer toe injuries need surgery, and it looks like Hill won’t. To heal hammer toe, the toe must remain straight 24 hours a day, which is usually done by wearing a splint. It usually takes a few weeks for the finger to fully straighten.

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Wilson missed three games because of his injury.

Will Taysom Hill be available in week 14?

There is no confirmation on Hill’s return date, but it appears he will play despite his injury. The Saints’ next game isn’t until Sunday, December 12, when they play the Jets on the road. This gives Hill more than a week to work on the injury.