Multiple Online Casino Ireland Platforms Started Offering Sports Betting Services in 2023

The culture of sports betting in Ireland has been developing for decades, and local gambling sites seem to have become interested in the sphere.

In 2023, multiple online casino Ireland platforms have started offering sports wagering services as well, and there are several advantages the players should know about.

Benefits of Playing on Such Platforms


The advantages provided by online casino Ireland platforms in the sports wagering segment might not be obvious at first glance, but they clearly have a major effect on the experience of the users. It is reasonable for the players to discover these benefits and make an informed decision regarding joining such a platform.

Generous Promotions

Promotions and bonuses at online casinos are inherently more generous than in sportsbooks. The maximum cups of all deals are higher at such platforms, and the bonus percentages are better as well. Moreover, some types of the bonus deals are not available on sports wagering platforms at all.

Most sportsbooks offer very limited sets of promotions, rarely giving out more than two deals at a time. Online casinos, on the other hand, have many offers available constantly and introduce new deals almost every week. This is a major benefit for fans of freebies.

A More Intuitive Experience

Another benefit online casino Ireland platforms offer to their players is the simplicity of the service. The interface is usually incredibly intuitive, and the navigation is clean. This comes at the cost of some advanced features, but it is exactly what casual punters or those who only wish to try the experience need.

The menus of gambling sites are very user-friendly, so even the beginners will know what to do there. At the same time, platforms that are designed entirely for sports wagering usually have overloaded interfaces with tons of menus and pop-ups that are usually confusing for all new users.

VIP Clubs and Loyalty Programs

In addition to the already generous promotions, online casinos traditionally have VIP Clubs and loyalty programs. These systems are designed to reward the most active users of the websites and provide them with some exclusive benefits. Such a program may grant both impressive one-time gifts for reaching different stages of the progression system or unlock brand new features that are not available to lower-tier players.

Drawbacks to Using Such Platforms


There are several downsides to using gambling websites for sports betting as well. It is worth it for the players to learn them before joining in order to make an informed choice between these two types of services. Generally, the advantages will outweigh the drawbacks for most players, but there might be some exceptions.

Potentially Lower Odds

The best online casinos are known for their attractive promotions and wide range of gaming options. While these features can be captivating, it’s crucial for bettors to look at the odds offered for sports betting as well. Compared to dedicated sportsbooks that specialize in sports wagering, online casinos may not always offer competitive odds. Why does this matter? Lower odds translate into smaller payouts for your successful bets.

Take, for example, a major football game. A dedicated sportsbook might offer odds of -110 for both teams, while an online casino could provide odds of -125. On a $100 bet, the difference in potential payout is significant. Over time, consistently lower odds could erode your winnings substantially.

Fewer Betting Options

Expectedly, online casino Ireland websites do not have sports wagering as their main focus. This mainly affects their coverage of events and assortments of betting markets. Basically, the players should only expect the most popular tournaments and leagues to be covered and the most basic betting markets to be offered. Nevertheless, the existing assortment would be enough for the majority of casual users.

No Advanced Features

For the same reason, these platforms do not usually offer any advanced features related to sports wagering. Most of them are not vital for casual players and beginners, but experienced punters will surely miss out on them. For example, real-time statistics and comprehensive combined bets are usually not available at online casinos.

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