Premier League 2023 Winners Name List with Prize Money

Prize money is a gift given to the winners at the end of a game. Those winners are gritted by giving it. At the same time, they are given joy, happiness, and encouragement. As a result, they are more likely to play next time. However, today we will discuss the prize money of the Premier League. Check Premier League 2023 Winners Name List with Prize Money.

This time the rare drama of the Premier League reached the top on a great final day. The main reason I can say is that Manchester City won the title. Tottenham also beat North London rivals Arsenal in fourth place. At the same time, Leeds United avoided the election at the expense of Bernoulli.

Premier League 2023 Winners Name List with Prize Money

Premier League 2023 Winners Name List with Prize Money
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This time there was a lot of drama in the game. If you've been sitting in front of the TV watching the Premier League, you can understand my situation. Most importantly, neither team was mathematically sure of their final position on the table until full time.

But standing in that position, Chelsea holds virtually third place with 19 team superiority over the Spurs. In this case, I can give a big applause for Chelsea.

However, the Premier League's domestic and international revenue comes from the television deal. At the same time, some of it is distributed in the clubs based on the position of the league.

Premier League 2023 Winners Name List with Prize Money

Like the rest of the world combined, the Premier League has more spectators. Not only that, it is the highest level in the English Soccer League. Which consists of twenty teams. At the same time, 38 games are played each season.

And each of these games runs from August to May. However, each high position brings only three million euros less than the one below. As a result, the champion gets £44 million. And similarly, the remaining top four finishers earn less than £33 million each, respectively.

Premier League 2023 Winners Name List with Prize Money

Let me say here that one-fourth is used as the meaning of reward. And this amount is officially called merit payment. The remaining one-fourth is divided on various grounds.

However, now I will list below the winners of this year's Premier League. With it, you will get to see who has been given how much price money-

  • 1st – Manchester City -£44m
  • 2nd – Liverpool – £41.8m
  • 3rd – Chelsea – £39.6m
  • 4th – Tottenham Hotspur – £37.4m
  • 5th – Arsenal – £35.2m
  • 6th – Manchester United – £33m
  • 7th – West Ham United – £30.8m
  • 8th – Leicester City – £28.6m
  • 9th – Brighton and Hove Albion – £26.4m
  • 10th – Wolverhampton Wanderers – £24.2m
  • 11th – Newcastle United – £22m
  • 12th – Crystal Palace – £19.8m
  • 13th – Brentford – .£6 17.6m
  • 14th – Aston Villa – £15.4m
  • 15th – Southampton – £13.2m
  • 16th – Everton – £11m
  • 17th – Leeds United – £8.8m
  • 18th – Burnley – £6.6m
  • 19th – Watford – £4.4m
  • 20th – Norwich City – £2.2m

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