Premier League Prize Money Distribution in 2023: How Much Winners will get?


Premier League prize money 2023: EPL teams prize by the team's position and the final table. It is believed that the English Premier League prize money is the most significant in the elite five European football leagues. Check Premier League Prize Money Distribution in 2023.

In the lead-up to the season of football in England the Premier League's financial revenues are expected to provide another tantalizing improvement for the clubs. The amount of prize money awarded to the Premier League is PS153.9m for the winners, while third-place finishers Manchester United pocketed PS153.5m million.

Premier League Prize Money Distribution in 2023
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Premier League 2023 Prize Money

The achievement of becoming Premier League champion or finishing in the top five spots is one of the biggest financial prizes awarded to clubs. It is awarded to those who are champions amounts to (PS150 million) that increased following the addition of the rights to television as well as merit cash. The prize money for the Premier League was up in the last four seasons.

The prize money for the premier league includes television and broadcasting information on the revenue at the close of each season. It is contingent on what the team's performance was in the rankings. Total PS43 million was paid out equal to every football club TV rights money.

The prize money is divided into five different categories. Equal share, where 50% of the financial revenues are shared between the teams. The 25% is divided according to the number of matches broadcast in the United Kingdom. More 25percent bonus given to clubs based on their positions in the league table.


RANK CLUBS EqualShare Facilities MeritShare International rights to television Revenue from commercial businesses Overall Prize Money
1 Liverpool PS34m PS33m PS38m PS43m PS5m PS153m
two Manchester City PS34m PS30m PS36m PS43m PS5m PS148m
3 Man Utd PS34m PS35m PS34m PS43m PS5m PS151m
4 Chelsea PS34m PS29m PS32m PS43m PS5m PS143m
5 leicester city PS34m PS20m PS30m PS43m PS5m PS132m
6 Tottenham PS34m PS30m PS28m PS43m PS5m PS140m
7 wolves PS34m PS17m PS27m PS43m PS5m PS129m
8 Arsenal PS34m PS28m PS24m PS43m PS5m PS134m
9 Sheffield United PS34m PS14m PS23m PS43m PS5m PS119m
10 Burnley PS34m PS12m PS21m PS43m PS5m PS115m
eleven Southampton PS34m PS14m PS19m PS43m PS5m PS115m
12 Everton PS34m PS21m PS17m PS43m PS5m PS120m
13 newcastle PS34m PS23m PS15m PS43m PS5m PS120m
14 Crystal Palace PS34m PS15m PS13m PS43m PS5m PS110m
fifteen Brighton PS34m PS12m PS11m PS43m PS5m PS105m
16 West Ham United PS34m PS20m PS10m PS43m PS5m PS112m
17 Aston-Villa PS34m PS15m PS8.5m PS43m PS5m PS105.5m
Relegated Teams
18 Bournemouth PS34m PS14m PS6m PS43m PS5m PS102m
19 watford PS34m PS15m PS4m PS43m PS5m PS101m
twenty Norwich City PS34m PS12m PS2.5m PS43m PS5m PS96.5m

In the table above you will see the prizes are distributed during the 2019-20 season. With only 18 games remaining in the season.

It's difficult to determine the exact details of all central payments to clubs related to TV rights as well as broadcasting revenues and commercial revenues. One month before the table of Premier League can be updated to reflect the current information on how much each team will earn in 2023.

The Premier League Prize Money 2023

Central Commercial revenue distributed among the entire (20 football teams). Whatever money is generated by Central Commercial revenues is distributed to all 20 football clubs. International television broadcasting is distributed to all Premier League football clubs.

There is no way for a club to earn more cash from television rights. The cash prize at the close of the season assists clubs keeps the balance of wages. The wage bill of Premier League clubs is increasing with each transfer in the summer, as well as when players request a more expensive contract with higher wages

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