What are the fitness tests for Football?


Fitness is your key to becoming a good football player. You must know the names of many talented players. And the secret behind being a good player is fitness.

Gaining football skills is not a word of mouth. For this, you need to acquire these three skills- agility, quickness, and strength. But the goalkeepers have to acquire the most skills.


What are the fitness tests for Football?

What are the fitness tests for Football?
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Some tests are done to measure the skill of the players. The test is done at four levels in total. This includes assessment of fitness tests, protocol speed, strength, physical characteristics, etc.

Aerobic fitness is considered to be the key feature in football. There are also many other elements of fitness that are crucial to success in football.

1. Body Fat is Enemy:

How do you work out if you have excess body fat? For this very reason, you need to get the fat out of the body first. Excess body fat also affects a football player’s ability to move freely around the field.

At the same time, it gives you extra weight and is fatigue-free. To avoid all these problems, body fat is measured using the skinfold method.

If this method is not used then there is another option. That is to observe changes in body weight. A change in fat indicates that there is no change in muscle mass.

2. As Fast As Wind:

Hearing the name, you can understand exactly how fast you have to be. Speed ​​and acceleration are very important when playing football.

So a procedure is followed to test the speed. That is, a sprint test is performed above 40 m with a split time for the first 10 m.

3.Power Like A Hulk:

Yes, you heard me right. Power measurement is a very important part of this training.

The vertical jump test is done to measure the strength of the foot. And with it, the maximum strength is tested for specific exercises.

4. Speed ​​Like Panther:

The ability to change direction quickly is the key to football. And to measure this activity, a test called 505 is performed. Where the ability to change direction 108 degrees is measured.

There is also a more complex test. Which is mainly designed for the needs of soccer players. These tests are Balsom run, arrowhead agility, etc.

5.Aerobic Fitness:

This is a very important element for the game and the players. Aerobic fitness-trained athletes can maintain high intensity in 90 minutes of play.
Shuttle run is a simple test. It is used to test football players. There are also some more football-specific tests.
For example, the Loughborough intermittent shuttle test and the yo-yo intermittent test.

In addition to the above methods, some other methods are also used. Those who are good footballers enter the field after being trained enough. With enough practice and training, it is possible to be a good footballer in the combination of these two.

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