Pelicans guard Devonte ‘Graham delivered his submission for the highlight of the year with a 61-foot buzzer-beater against the Thunder.

If you’re wondering if the shot looks as wild as it sounds, it doesn’t. In a way, it’s even wilder.

Fitting for the NBA’s historic 75 season, Graham rewrote history with his shot, sinking what is now the longest buzzer in NBA history, a record previously held by Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

We can’t mention the Abdul-Rauf shot without the footage, can we?

In the spirit of the moment, here are four more long game-winning (and extremely unlikely) ring beaters.

1992 – Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (55 feet)

Abdul-Rauf’s game winner had a 29-year streak at the top.

With things tied at 106, Abdul-Rauf took the rebound from a Dikembe Mutombo block and, according to the broadcast, gave the Nuggets their first road win of the season from well beyond the middle of the court.

1986 – Julius Erving (53 feet)

Come on for the clumsy mid-court pull of a dribble from Dr. J, stick with the disbelief of Bill Russell as a color analyst.

There is also a young Charles Barkley involved in the celebration. This is the NBA peak of the 80s.

2010 – Tyreke Evans (50 feet)

Similar to Graham’s shot, Evans’s winning game is one example of a good shot that deserves another.

After a hard jump from OJ Mayo to put the Grizzlies ahead, Evans takes the inning pass with 1.5 seconds, dribbles, double grabs and sends it home. The most impressive part? Donte Greene looked like he knew he was going to go in while the ball was still in the air.

2019 – Jeremy Lamb (48ft)

This one wasn’t 50 feet long, but the degree of difficulty might be the greatest.

Lamb somehow has a chance to go on a broken play, even on the outstretched arm of Raptors forward Pascal Siakam. Who was the first player to celebrate with Lamb? Devonte ‘Graham, of course. Talk full circle.