Save up for the finals and maybe All-Star Weekend, there isn’t a much bigger stage than NBA Christmas Day.

In the history of the league, the biggest stars have spoken numerous times during the holidays. Kobe Bryant’s record of 16 games on Christmas Day will soon be equaled by LeBron James, who will play Christmas for the 16th time in his 19-year career.

Fittingly, Bryant and James are also the two all-time scoring leaders in NBA Christmas history. As James continues to grow his tally, take a look at the top 10 scoring leaders of all time on Christmas Day, three of which are still active.

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All-time scoring leaders on Christmas Day

Player Pts GRAM
Lebron James 422 sixteen
Kobe bryant 395 sixteen
Oscar robertson 377 12
Dwyane Wade 314 13
Kevin During 299 10
Shaquille o’neal 272 13
Russell westbrook 254 eleven
Dolph schayes 239 13
Walt bellamy 237 9
Richie guerin 232 9

The best scoring performances of Christmas Day

LeBron is at the top of the all-time list, but he’s a different King who is at the top of the list of the best single-game Christmas performances.

In one of the most legendary individual performances in game history, Bernard King finished with 60 points in a loss to the Nets in 1984. Nine times out of 10, a list of scoring records includes Wilt Chamberlain, who scored 59 points. in a loss to the Knicks in 1961.

As it stands, Rick Barry is the only player to score 50 Christmas points in a win.

Player Points Year Match
Bernard King 60 1984 Knicks vs. Nets
Wilt chamberlain 59 1961 Warriors vs. Knicks
Rick barry fifty 1966 Warriors vs. Royals
Jerry west 47 1963 Lakers vs. Knicks
Tracy mcgrady 46 2002 Magic against pistons
Wilt chamberlain Four. Five 1959 Warriors vs. Nationals
Tom heinsohn Four. Five 1961 Celtics vs. Nationals
Dominique wilkins Four. Five 1987 Falcons vs. 76ers
Kevin During 44 2010 Thunder vs. Nuggets
Jerry west 44 1965 Lakers vs. Pistons