WWE Wrestlers Salary 2023 Contract Details

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a popular wrestling promotion held in America known for professional wrestling. The trade name of the promotion is the WWE where they are formerly known as the Titan Sports, World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. Check WWE Wrestlers Salary 2023 Contract Details.

The headquarters for the WWE is the 1241 East Main Street, Stamford, Connecticut 06902, United States. It serves the entire area Worldwide for the tournament.

The WWE has many popular and professional wrestlers of the time. Here is the list of the popular wrestlers for the season. Check out the details about the WWE Wrestlers Salary for 2023 and the contract details.

WWE Wrestlers 2023

  • WWE RAW Wrestlers 2023
    • Rendy Orton
    • AJ Styles
    • The Miz
    • Kevin Owens
    • Seth Rollins
    • Edge
    • Rey Myestrio
    • Dloph Ziggler
    • Dhelton Benjamin
    • Bobby Lashley
  • WWE Smackdown 2023 Wrestlers
    • Brock Lesnar
    • Roman Reigns
    • Drew Mclntyre
    • Jinder Mahal
    • Cesaro
    • Sheamus
    • Madcap Moss
    • Ivar
    • Erik
    • Kofi Kingston

WWE Wrestlers 2023 Salaries

The details about the Salaries for the wrestlers for the WWE are out now for 2023. Here are the entire details about the WWE Wrestling salaries for the 2023 season of the league.

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The WWE Wrestlers 2023 details are out now for the season 2023 for the salaries of the players.

WWE RAW Wrestlers Salaries 2023

WWE Raw is a popular and professional television program created by Vince McMahon. It is also popularly known as the RAW IS WAR or the Raw SuperShow. The professional wrestling show starred the Raw Roster.

The opening theme for the show is “Greatness” which has successfully completed 30 seasons.

Wrestlers Salary (USD)
Shelton Benjamin 425,000
Bobby Lashley 500,000
Edge 600,000
Rey Myestrio 1 Million
Dloph Ziggler 1 Million
Seth Rollins 1.2 Million
Kevin Owens 1.2 Million
The Miz 1.5 Million
AJ Styles 1.5 Million
Rendy Overton 5 Million

WWE Smackdown Wrestler 2023

Wrestlers Salary (USD)
Madcap Moss 275,000
Ivar 300,000
Erik 300,000
Kogi Kingston 325,000
Jinder Mahal 350,000
Cesaro 500,000
Sheamus 1 Million
Drew Mclyntre 2 Million
Roman Reigns 4 Million
Brock Lesnar 6 Million

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