top 10 boxing champion in the world

Boxing is a popular game that is widely recognized in the world. There are several boxing champions in the world who have triumphed while practicing this sport. Check the top 10 Boxing World Champion.

Boxing is a popular sport that has emerged gradually and there are several world championships in the game.

Here are the top 10 boxing champions in the world who have managed to win the title of the tournaments in the game.

Top 10 boxing champions of the world

1. John L Sullivan

Top 10 boxing champions of the world

John is a popular professional heavyweight American boxing champion. He has a position in boxing where his popularity by winning the first glove boxing heavyweight champion.

He has a great boxing record with a total of 46 fights and there are a total of 42 wins for the game. There are 32 knockout wins and 1 loss.

There are 3 draws in his boxing career to date.

2. James J. Corbett

Top 10 world boxing champions

James is a popular and professional American boxer where he is known for being a heavyweight fighter. He is also popular for being the only man to defeat John L. Sullivan.

The player’s nationality is American, where he has played in a total of 35 fights and there are 24 wins to his name.

He has lost a total of 4 games and there are 03 draws without contests like 2.

3. Bob Fitzsimmons

Boxing champion

Bob is a very popular professional boxer in the UK. He is popular in the medium, light heavy, and heavyweight categories in boxing.

Bob also holds the Guinness Book of World Records for weighing only 165 pounds while winning the light heavyweight champion title.

He has fought in a total of 101 matches with 69 wins of which 57 wins are by KO and there are 12 losses.

14 of his fights are a draw and 09 of them are not contests.

4. James J. Jeffries

10 boxing champion

James is a popular professional middleweight boxer. He has a record in multiple championships in the heavyweight category.

He is an American player where he has a record of a total of 24 fights and wins 19 of them. 16 of his wins are from Knockouts, while there are a total of 01 losses to his name.

There are 02 draws and 02 of their matches are without a contest.

5. Marvin Hart

10 boxing champion

Marvin is a professional heavyweight boxer where he has a boxing championship to his name. He is a popular American boxer in the game. He is nicknamed “The Louisville Plumber.”

There are a total of 39 fights the player will play and there are a total of 28 wins in his bag. He has lost 7 games and there are 04 draws in his game.

6. Tommy Burns

Top 10 boxing in the world

Tommy is a popular Canadian professional player where he played in the welterweight, middleweight and heavyweight ranks.

He is the first heavyweight champion to fight Joseph Smith by defeating him.

There is a boxing record for the player who has a total of 61 fights and 47 wins to his name. Of which, the total wins for the player are 35 by knockout. There are a total of 5 losses by the player and 09 draws.

7. Jack Johnson

World boxing champion

Jack Johnson is a popular and professional American player with a long history in heavyweight boxing.

There are great records to his name where he has played in a total of 95 fights where there are 72 wins. Of which there are 38 wins to his name where there are 11 losses and 11 draws. There are no 03 contests.

8. Jess Willard

10 World Boxing Champion

Jess Willard is a popular and professional player who is an American boxer. He is a heavyweight player where he has an American pro.

There is a total of 34 fights where he has 26 wins where the 20 wins are from where there are 7 losses.

They have a total of 02 drawn. There is no contest in your name.

9. Jack Dempsey

Top 10 Boxing Champion

Jack is a popular gamer with the nickname where he is popular by the name of Kid Blackie and The Manassa Mauler.

He is a popular light and heavyweight boxer. He has a total fight of 85 of which are 68 wins and 53 are won by KO.

There are 06 losses to his name and there are 09 draws.

10. Gene Tunney

Top 10 boxing champions of the world

Gene is an American player and professional in boxing, he is popular for light heavyweight and heavyweight boxing.

There are a total of 88 fights in his league where there are 82 wins of which 49 are won by KO and there is 1 loss with 04 draws. One of their matches is without contests.

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