Top 5 UFC Female Boxers in the World Right Now 2023

The full form of the UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This is an American mixed martial arts promotion organization. Which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the largest MMA promotion company in the world. Check out the top 5 UFC female boxers in the world right now 2023.

And his roster features some of the highest-level fighters in the sport. It is worth mentioning here that by 2020, the company has organized more than 500 events. The purpose of this undertaking was to identify the most effective martial arts in competition with the minimum rules.

Top 5 UFC female boxers in the world right now 2023

Ranking is a UFC Championship event. Which was inaugurated in 2013. And this ranking voting panel is made up of members of the media. Members of the media vote for him, who they believe is the best fighter in the weight class.

And according to this vow, the superior position is created. According to UFC rules, the most active fighter is eligible to vote. Although a fighter can appear in several weight divisions at once.

Not only that, here the champion and intermediate champion are automatically placed at the top of the division. As a result, they are not eligible to vote by weight.

However, today we will talk about the fighters. Let’s take a look at the top 5 female fighters in the UFC rankings.

5. Zhang Weili:

Top 5 UFC female boxers in the world right now 2023
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Zhang Wiley is a Chinese mixed martial artist. Who competed in the strawweight division of the former Kunlun Fight, Strawweight Champion, and Ultimate Fighting Championship.

While here, she is the former UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion. The most important thing is that she is the first Chinese champion in the history of the UFC. This time her UFC ranking is 21-2-0.

4. Juliana Pena:

Top 5 UFC female boxers in the world right now 2023
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Juliana Nicole Pena is an American professional martial artist. She that she competes in the bantamweight division in the UFC. And here is the reigning UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

Juliana became the first woman to win the Ultimate Fighter. And this year she is number four in the pound rankings. Where her range is 11-4-0.

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Juliana is not only a boxer but also an actress and presenter. The mixed martial arts documentary Fight Life was created from her life. In which Peña played her character. Not only that, the movie was released in 2013 and also won an award.

3. Pink Namajunas:

Top 5 UFC female boxers in the world right now 2023
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Rose is an American professional martial artist. She competed in the strawweight division in the UFC. She is also a two-time and current UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion. And as of January 17 of this year, she is ranked number three in the UFC women’s pound rankings. Provided her rating is 11-4-0.

Rose is famous for her speed. She makes full use of her kinetic energy. Through which she pushes opponents with jabs and high kicks. On the other hand, she is famous for her advanced striking technique and footwork.

2. Amanda Nunes:

Top 5 UFC female boxers in the world right now 2023
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Amanda Nunes is a Brazilian professional martial artist. She is the current UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion. Not only that, she is the first openly lesbian UFC champion. Which she is very proud of. Additionally, she is a former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

Amanda is a highly respected and well-known female martial artist of all time. So far, she is the first woman to become a UFC champion in two divisions.

And without a doubt, she was the first and only fighter to defend two UFC titles. This time her UFC ranking is 21-4-0.

one. Valentina Shevchenko:

Top 5 UFC female boxers in the world right now 2023
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Valentina is a Kyrgyz Peruvian professional martial artist. And with that, she is a former muay thai fighter. She competed in the women’s flyweight division in the UFC. Where she is the current UFC Women’s Champion. According to this year’s statistics, Valentina topped the list. Where her ranking has been 21-3-0.

This boxer is famous for her precise counterpunch. Not only that, she has the uncanny ability to gauge the distance of an opponent’s attack and then retaliate with various counterattacks.

On the other hand, he has another famous move. What is known as Spinning Wheel Kick or Spinning Back Fist. With that condition, he uses it to avoid the opponent’s hit.

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