10 Tallest Tennis Players of All Time (Men & Women)

Tall players are said to have an additional advantage in tennis. However, the record of Grand Slam winners does not agree with the fact. Height does not guarantee success in tennis. Although tall players have explosive serves, their moves are a bit caged. It has pros and cons. Here is the list of the tallest tennis players of all time. The article includes a separate list for male and female players.

Tallest Tennis Players of All Time – Male

5. Dick Norman


The southpaw is a stunt specialist. Dick Norman is from Belgium and is 203 cm tall. Norman made it into the top 10 in the ATP double rankings at the age of 39.

4. Jerzy Janowicz


Jerzy Janowicz, at 203cm or 6ft 8in, is the fourth tallest male tennis player of all time. The Polish international holds the record for the fastest serves in history. It typically serves between 115-130 mph, but when it gains momentum, it can serve between 130-140.

3. John Isner


The American international is a giant. The 6-foot-10-inch holds the record for serving a breakneck speed of 253 km / h. He is known for entertaining crowds with his fast aces at tournaments such as grand slams.

2. Reilly Opelka


Reily Opelka is a 6’11 ”tennis player from Florida. The young man is one of the promising talents. Opelka can serve around 140 mph steadily. He turned pro in 2015. Reilly has won two ATP titles and is currently ranked 25th in the ATP rankings.

1. Ivo Karlovic


Karlovic is the tallest tennis player in the world. He shares the top spot with Reilly Opelka. Ivo has performed the fourth fastest service: 254 km / h in the history of tennis. By now, he has won 8 ATP titles.

Tallest Tennis Players of All Time – Female

5. Maria Sharapova


The former Russian international was one of the most popular tennis players. Standing 6’2 tall, he had a successful career winning grand slam. Besides tennis, she also did modeling and photo shoots.

4. Lindsay Davenport


She has the deadliest and fastest serve in the women’s tennis fraternity. Lindsay is 6 inches 2 feet tall and her height gives her the advantage of landing aces effortlessly. He managed to occupy the number 1 position in the world ranking on four different occasions.

3. Naomi Broady


The third tallest player in tennis history is Naomi Broady. Naomi Broady is 189cm tall and has won 9 WTA singles titles and 19 doubles. The 30-year-old achieved the highest career ranking of 76.

2. Akgul Amanmuradova


Akgul Amanmuradova is the second tallest tennis player. She is a native of Uzbekistan and has won two WTA titles and 9 ITF titles. The highest rank he has earned so far was 50, and it was in 2008.

1. Eva Hrdinova


The tallest tennis player is Eva Hrdinova. She is 6 feet 3 inches / 191 cm tall. Eva Hrdinova is a specialist in doubles and rarely plays singles. By now, he has won 3 singles titles and 19 doubles titles.

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