CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions 2023 Prize Money Distribution

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious cup competition and is transforming the financial landscape of teams qualified for the competition via their domestic leagues. In 2023, the Champions League final will herald an incredible prize package for winners. although lower in comparison to the previous campaign's prize funds due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Check CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions 2023 Prize Money Distribution.

Champions League teams pick up cash every step of the way during the tournament. The group stage has the base prize package and teams adding to the total after each draw or win during this stage. Every round of knockouts is accompanied by a new bonus.

CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions 2023 Prize Money Distribution
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Champions League 2023 prize cash

It is expected that the Champions League finalists in 2023 will each win an amount of $17.59 million for making it to the top two spots in the tournament. Europa's top competition will pick more than $5.1 million for qualifying for August's UEFA Super Cup. a one-time final in which it will compete in the face of winners from the Europa League (Eintracht Frankfurt).

  • Champions League Winners: $22.69 million
  • Champions League Runner-Up: $17.59 million

The full list of prizes for the 2023-22 Champions League is outlined in the table below.

In the group stage on their own 32 teams, each received a total amount of $17.74 million. They could multiply that figure with every draw and win during this stage.

stage Cash Prize
Winner $22.69 million
runner-up $17.59 million
Semi Finalists $14.18 million
quarter finalists $12.02 million
Round of 16 $10.89 million
Group-stage winners $3.17 million
Group-stage draws $1.05 million
stage groups $17.74 million

Below are the top-earning clubs in their 2023-22 Champions League through to the final.

In winning the entire six group matches, and then advancing into the semi-finals, Liverpool is at the top of the list of prize money.

The English team earned $92 million of prize funds when they reached the final and it could be almost $97 million if the Reds triumphed in the final. (The numbers below are up-to-date to the day in the semi-finals.)

Ranking Team income
1. Liverpool $91.44 million
two. real Madrid $89.32 million
3. Manchester City $67.51 million
Four. Villarreal $65.39 million
5. Bayern Munich $59.67 million
6. Chelsea $54.38 million
7. benfica $49.09 million
8. Athletic of Madrid $48.04 million
9. Ajax $47.65 million
10. Juventus $44.48 million
eleven. Lille $40.24 million
Man Utd $40.24 million
paris st germain $40.24 million

financial increase

The UEFA Champions League finalists in 2023 will each be awarded $17.5 million prize cash to make it to the finals of the competition. The winner in Paris on Saturday is scheduled to take home a more $5.1 million thanks to qualifying for the August UEFA Super Cup, a one-time final that pits UCL winner in a battle against Eintracht Frankfurt, the winners from the 2023 Europa League.

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