French Open 2023 Prize Money: How much winner will get?

The French Open is the world’s leading clay court championship. Not only that, it is currently the only Grand Slam tournament held. It is also the second of four annual Grand Slam tournaments in chronological order. In addition, the other three are the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Check French Open 2023 Prize Money.

Similarly, the French Open is considered to be the most physically demanding tennis tournament in the world. The best tennis players take part in this tournament. At the same time, good prize money is given in this French Open tournament. Needless to say, the percentage of prize money has increased this year from the previous year.

French Open 2023 Prize Money: How much winner will get?

French Open 2023 Prize Money
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Let me tell you, Ronald Garros has total prize money of 43.6 million euros for this year. Similarly, this amount is 26.87 per cent higher than in 2023. Meanwhile, over the past two years, crowd restrictions have been severely hampered.

But since this year it has returned to pre-epidemic levels. That means the more crowds there are, the more tickets will be cut, and all the more money will come together.

However, both the male and female champions took a check for 2,200,000. And that figure is 57.14 per cent higher than last year’s Novak Djokovic and Natural and Acting lifted the trophy.

prize money:

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The total prize money of the French Open 2023 for singles is 43.6 million euros. Similarly, the winners who get 2000 points from the men’s side have a prize money of 2.2 00000 Euro. Literally, it’s a lot of money.

However, those who are runners-up will get twelve hundred points and with their extra receipts of 1.100000 Euros. Needless to say, all tennis players get money from the first round.

For your convinence I added a list here-

  • Winner: 1.87m (2.2m)
  • Finalist: £ 937,000 (1.1m)
  • Semi-finalist: £ 511,000 (€ 600,000)
  • Quarter-finalist: £ 324,000 (€ 380,000)
  • Round of 16: £ 187,000 (€ 220,000)
  • Round of 32: £ 107,000 (€ 125,800)
  • Round of 64: £ 73,000 (€ 86,000)
  • Round of 128: £ 53,000 (€ 62,000)

Prize money for doubles:

In the doubles round of the French Open, Emma Radukanu and Dan Evans both lost. Undoubtedly for this reason they each earned 73000 euros.

Standing in this place, Cam Norie was the only one standing up for the last time. But in the end, she could not make the final defence.

Anyway, here is a list of doubles winners with prize money for you-

  • Winner: 494,000 (580,000)
  • Finalist: £ 247,000 (290,000)
  • Semi-finalist: £ 124,000 (€ 146,000)
  • Quarter-finalist: £ 68,000 (€ 79,500)
  • Round of 16: £ 36,000 (€ 42,000)
  • Round of 32: £ 21,000 (€ 25,000)
  • Round of 64: £ 13,000 (€ 15,500)

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