LeBron James once said that he was chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan.

He may not reach Jordan’s six rings, but with the trajectory James’ career has taken, he will surpass Michael in many professional milestones by the time he hangs up his Nike shoes.

Entering year 19 in the league, it stands to reason that a player of James’ caliber will surpass more than a few career milestones. Although he has spent more time off the court than he has so far this season, the King will still lose enough numbers to move up the ranks in some categories.

James has often said that he won’t look in the rearview mirror until all is said and done, but that won’t stop us from seeing where the all-time Lakers forward stands.

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Where does LeBron James of all time rank in scoring?

Ironically, for a guy who doesn’t consider himself a “scorer,” James is fast closing in on Karl Malone for number two on the all-time list.

James has a career scoring average of 27.0 points per game. In the 2023-22 season, he is averaging just one touch below that career mark at 25.8 points per game.

Entering Friday’s game against the Clippers, James was behind Malone by 1,278 points. Assuming James stays healthy enough to play another 50 games this season scoring at his current average, he should surpass The Mailman before the regular season ends.

If he maintains his 25-point average, he will become the NBA’s all-time leader in points in about 106 more games.

All-time NBA leaders in scoring
Rank Player Points
1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2 Karl Malone 36,928
3 Lebron James 35,651
4 Kobe bryant 33,643
5 Michael Jordan 32,292

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Where does all-time LeBron James rank in assists?

James’ vision of the court has been one of his strengths throughout his career.

His dedication in trying to make the right play happen has served him well for 19 seasons. James has a career average of 7.4 assists per game and is averaging (again) just a fraction below that this season at 6.8 per game. This is a category where the King will not rule, it appears that John Stockton will hold this title for all eternity, but James will climb higher than his current eighth place on the list.

As of December 3, James needs 117 assists to get past The Big O, Oscar Robertson. Assuming you don’t miss any more games, you should pass it in 17 games.

All-time NBA leaders in assists
Rank Player Attend
1 John stockton 15,806
2 Jason kidd 12,091
3 Chris paul 10,500
4 Steve Nash 10,335
5 Mark Jackson 10,334
6 Magic johnson 10,141
7 Oscar robertson 9,887
8 Lebron James 9,771

Where does the all-time LeBron James rank in rebounding?

This is a category where James will not finish in the top 10 when his career is over.

James currently has 9,808 career rebounds to his name. Needing just 192 to break 10,000, he should hit that in 37 games if he continues at his current rate of 5.2 rebounds per game. Current Lakers teammate Dwight Howard is eleventh on the all-time list; by comparison, he has 14,377 rebounds.

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Where does LeBron James rank in the all-time robbery rankings?

This is another category where James will overtake Malone this season (not bad for a pair of forwards).

James is currently No. 12 on the all-time steal list, and he only needs three more to overtake Malone for No. 11. From there, he will have Alvin Robertson in sight for the top 10.

James is averaging 1.6 steals per game in his career. In reality, he’s averaging 1.8 steals per game so far in 2023-22, his highest level since the 2011-12 season. In all likelihood, he will move to ninth all-time at the end of the season.

All-time NBA leaders in steals
Rank Player Robberies
1 John stockton 3265
2 Jason kidd 2,684
3 Michael Jordan 2,514
4 Gary Payton 2,445
5 Chris paul 2,378
6 Maurice cheeks 2,310
7 Scottie pippen 2,307
8 Clyde drexler 2,207
9 Hakeem Olajuwon 2,162
10 Alvin robertson 2,112
eleven Karl Malone 2,085
12 Lebron James 2,083

Where does the all-time LeBron James rank in 3-point field goals?

The triple is another criticism James had of his game early in his career, but as the league adapted to a new style of play, so did its best player.

James currently ranks fourth among active players and eleventh all-time. He only needs 96 more to climb to 10th place.

James is currently averaging 8.5 3-point attempts per game (his career high) and 2.9 per game (also his career high), so it’s not unreasonable to expect him to surpass Paul Pierce on this list by the end of the season. done.

All-time NBA leaders in 3-point field goals
Rank Player 3-point field goals
1 Ray allen 2,973
2 Stephen Curry 2,940
3 Reggie miller 2,560
4 James harden 2,502
5 Kyle korver 2,450
6 Vince carter 2,290
7 Jason terry 2,282
8 Jamal crawford 2,221
9 Paul pierce 2,143
10 Damian Lillard 2,106
eleven Lebron James 2,011