We are officially reaching the home stretch in the NFL pick ’em groups and survivor groups. If you’re still alive in either one (and congratulations if you survived the Vikings and Raiders surprises in survivor groups last week), then each choice takes on additional importance. If you’re after a pick ’em or trusted group, you may need to consider some of the losers; If you are near the top of the leaderboard, you might think that the best strategy is to stay with the favorites. You usually need a combination of both, but how you approach this week depends on your specific situation. The experts at TeamRankings are here to help you inform your NFL picks from Week 14 with strategy tips and advice on five key games.

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NFL Week 14 Pick ’em Pool Picks – Tips, Strategy

How We Identify NFL Week 14 Value Picks

This article was written on Wednesday, but if the picks’ odds of winning and popularity numbers hold up, the teams below provide attractive trade-offs between risk and reward to differentiate their Week 14 picks from their opponents in the pool.

It is important to note that we are not necessarily saying that you should do everybody of these selections. In particular, some pesky picks can be unnecessarily risky for your group, even if they’re technically underrated. You should take an overall level of risk with your picks that is appropriate for your group size and rules. Season-long groups generally require more conservative selections than week-long groups. If you want our game-by-game selection recommendations for everyone your specific pools, use our Football Pick ’em Picks product.

Note: Odds of winning and estimated popularity data for the selections below may change between post time and start time. If you want the latest numbers, our product is updated several times a day.

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens

Point difference: -2.5
Choose Popularity: 46%
Category: Favorite value

The Browns were wrecked just before their goodbye, and they still have some problems, but it’s not like Baltimore is trending upward. The Ravens offense and Lamar Jackson have been struggling for the past month, and they just lost star cornerback Marlon Humphrey (pectoral) in a secondary that already had multiple injuries.

With the Browns a slight favorite but the crowd on the team with the best WL record, Cleveland has some value here.

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San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals

Point difference: +1.0
Choose Popularity: 36%
Category: Unpopular release

Both teams are coming off unexpected losses, but the public is sticking more with the Bengals in what appears to be the closest matchup of the week.

With nearly two-thirds of the crowd opting for the Bengals, differentiate your inning with the 49ers.

Dallas Cowboys on the Washington soccer team

Point difference: -4.0
Choose Popularity: Sixty-five%
Category: Favorite value

Washington has won four in a row and the public is giving it a decent chance here. While part of that is a better game (the win over Tampa Bay), it’s also a product of the schedule, close wins, and late-game fortune.

Meanwhile, Dallas went through a difficult stretch with injuries and COVID-19, but is coming out and has nine days to prepare. The Cowboys are a better team than they were a few weeks ago only because they now have key players available, so stick with the favorites as a valuable play.

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New Orleans Saints at NY Jets

Point difference: -5.5
Choose Popularity: 80%
Category: Favorite at a reasonable price

While the Saints don’t have great value this week, they are a solid enough play as a moderate favorite where a decent portion of the crowd is still taking a surprise.

The Saints are on a five-game losing streak, but they should win back some key players after a difficult injury streak. Star running back Alvin Kamara (knee) has missed the last four games, and both offensive tackles have also been eliminated. Kamara practiced last week but was ruled out late for Thursday’s early morning game. With another week, he should be back, and it’s vital for a team that is otherwise lacking in playmakers.

Stick with your favorite saints and look for surprises elsewhere.

Field marshal | Running backwards | Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

Seattle Seahawks vs. Houston Texans

Point difference: -7.5
Choose Popularity: 87%
Category: Favorite at a reasonable price

Russell Wilson may have come back from his finger injury too soon, but he finally had a good game last week as Seattle had its best offensive game in a long time. Meanwhile, the Texans are coming off another disastrous performance during which they scored zero points. There are also questions about who will be Houston’s starting quarterback this week.

The Seahawks are the biggest favorites, but it could be worth playing in trusted groups. They are one of the six teams favored by more than one touchdown. Everyone else is much more popular, so Seattle has something of value despite the already high selection rate.

Week 14 NFL Survivor Group Picks: Most Popular Picks

Another week, another popular pick in the dust, as Minnesota lost to Detroit on the final play. After our selection recommendations largely avoided Minnesota and Las Vegas last week, we estimate that one of our subscribers’ entries is five times more likely to remain alive compared to a typical entry.

Here are the most popular picks so far for Week 14.

  • Los Angeles Chargers (24% popularity) vs. New York Giants
  • Tennessee Titans (18% popularity) vs Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Green Bay (16% popularity) vs Chicago Bears
  • New Orleans Saints (12% popularity) at New York Jets
  • Seattle (11% popularity) on Houston Texans

You can check out our week 14 pick analysis and get our personalized pick recommendations if you’re still competing in a group of survivors.

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