PL Prize Money Of All Season


Premier League also popular with the name English Premier League is a popular football tournament that is founded in 1992. Check PL Prize Money Of All Season.

It is a 30-year-old tournament in the confederation of UEFA which has a total of 20 teams taking part in where it is relegated to the EFL Championship. FA Cup, FA Community Shield.

The current champions for the league are Manchester City with the 5th title on their name of the league. The most champions for the tournament is Manchester United with 13 titles.

Premier League has the most appearances of Gareth Barry which is 653 and the Alan Shearer is the top goalscorer with a score of 260.

Check out more details about the Premier League and all the prize money for various seasons of the league.

PL Prize Money Of All Season
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PL Prize Money Of All Season

The prize money for the Premier League is divided into two parts. The one is the domestic TV Rights Money and the other is Overseas TV Rights Money

The domestic TV Money has a 50% share that is shared equally and the 25% is the merit money.

The other 25% is the facility fee whereas for the overseas TV Money is the 100% share which is shared equally.

The domestic TV Money for the league is a total of 1.8 Billion pounds. The 50% which is shared equally is nearly equal to the 38 million pounds.

The 25% is equal to the 2 Million pounds. The overseas money for the tournament is equal to 1 Billion pounds.

According to this, every team will be getting an amount nearly equal to 43 million pounds.

PL Prize Money 2019-20 Breakdown

Club Facilities MeritShare International TV
Commercial Revenue Overall Prize Money
Liverpool £33M £38M £43M £5M £153M
£30M £36M £43M £5M £148M
£35M £34M £43M £5M £151M
Chelsea £29M £32M £43M £5M £143M
leicester city £20M £30M £43M £5M £132M
Tottenham £30M £28M £43M £5M £140M
wolves £17M £27M £43M £5M £129M
Arsenal £28M £24M £43M £5M £134M
Sheffield United £14m £23M £43M £5M £119M
Burnley £12m £21M £43M £5M £115M
Southampton £14m £19M £43M £5M £115M
Everton £21m £17M £43M £5M £120M
newcastle £23m £15M £43M £5M £120M
Crystal Palace £15M £12M £43M £5M £110M
Brighton £12M £20M £43M £5M £105M
West Ham United £20M £15M £43M £5M £112M
Aston-Villa £15M £15M £43M £5M £105.5M
Bournemouth £14M £14M £43M £5M £102M
watford £15M £15M £43M £5M £101M
Norwich City £12M £12M £43M £5M £96.5M

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