UAE Pro League Winners: Here is a list of champions

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UAE Pro League is one of the best professional soccer leagues found in the United Arab Emirates, also the first team to win the title was Sharjah. There are many teams that participate and give their best in the league to win and get the good grade. Check here the winners of the UAE Pro League of all seasons.

This 2023-22 is the 47th edition of the league, the teams work hard and play against each other and the best teams reach the final. This year’s defending champion is AI Jazira. We can check out the full details on the winners of the UAE Pro League – here is a list of champions.

UAE Pro League Winners: Here is a list of champions

UAE Pro League Winners: List of Champions

As said, there are many teams that participate in the league where only a few achieve their goals and reach the title. While the other one doesn’t, a lot of new equipment is also added and numerous changes have been made to the game to make it more exciting.

Below are some names from the list of champions who have given their best and worked hard to achieve their achievements, so let’s take a look:

Year Club
2021-2022 Al-Jazeera
2018-2019 Sharjah Cultural Sport
2017-2018 AL-Ain FC
2016-2017 Al-Jazeera
2015-2016 Al-Ahli Club Dubai
2014-2015 AL-Ain FC
2013-2014 Al-Ahli Club Dubai
2012-2013 AL-Ain FC
2011-2012 AL-Ain FC
2010-2011 Al-Jazeera
2009-2010 AI-Wahda FC Abu Dhabi
2008-2009 Al-Ahli Club Dubai
2006-2007 AL-Wasl sports club
2005-2006 Al-Ahli Club Dubai
2004-2005 AL-Wahda FC Abu Dhabi
2003-2004 AL-Ain FC
2002-2003 AL-Ain FC
2001-2022 AL-Ain FC
2000-2001 AI-Wahda FC Abu Dhabi
The remaining list, you check it on Wikipedia

There are almost fourteen clubs that compete in the league but it was said that more than two teams will join but there are no more official announcements.

However, one of the most successful teams in the United Arab Emirates is AL-Ain FC, they have won one of the most champion clubs and are the favorite team. However, the second team is Al-Ahli Dubai Club and Al-Wahda FC Abu Dhabi.

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