F1 2023 Car: Design Changes, Engine & New Formula 1 Car Launch Details

The 2023 Formula 1 season is drawing to a close and details of the new car for the F1 2023 season are available. Let’s look at all aspects of the new F1 cars.

Teams and drivers will be very excited for the new season as the 2023 season draws to a close. The FIA ​​has worked with all F1 teams to bring out the best possible cars for next season. Let’s take a look at what we all know about the F1 2023 car.

Design changes to the F1 2023 car

Designed for better racing

Some regulations would go into effect in the 2023 season, but due to Covid, they were delayed. One of the regulations was to allow closer races, which means more overtaking. Going into engineering terms, the cars lose 35% of their downforce when they are approximately 20 meters behind the leading car, which increased to 47% when it was reduced to 10 meters.

The 2023 season car, developed in collaboration with the FIA, has emphasized a “ground effect” aerodynamic process. This reduces the above figures to 4% at 20 meters and 18% at 10 meters.

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The wheel covers are back

Last seen in the 2009 F1 season, the wheel covers will make a comeback in the 2023 season. The wheel covers do a good job of increasing downforce on the wheels, allowing for a best racing experience. There will also be a new flap feature on the wheels to control the wake coming off the front tires.

The front wing and nose

The 2023 season F1 car will feature a new front wing shape. The new shape of the front wing will generate constant downforce and ensure that the wake from the front wheels is under control.

The new rear wing feature

The rear wing of the 2023 F1 cars is beautiful, which adds to the look of the car. The shape and position of the new rear wing are such that they allow rotational airflow. Collect the wake from the rear wheels and the wheel to exit through a diffuser.

Changes in the design of the F1 2023 car, engine and launch of the new Formula 1 car

F1 2023 power unit

The FIA ​​worked with the F1 teams to introduce some vital changes, but the power unit is constant for next season. The cars will retain the current 1.6-liter turbo-hybrid units. Retaining the engine is one of the good decisions, as it is already one of the best and most efficient engines.

As for fuel, F1 is working to introduce a fully sustainable fuel. Although that is not the case for the next season, the fuel contains 10% biocomponent.

The 2023 F1 car launch

The new car for the upcoming F1 season was unveiled on Thursday before the British Grand Prix. Not only did fans see a life-size F1 2023 car, they were also told about the design and concept.

The new season will surely bring new emotions, the teams will be ready, the drivers will be ready. Are you ready to witness the next generation F1 car next season?

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