Lowest Paid Formula 1 Drivers in the World 2023

Continuing with our previous article on the highest paid F1 drivers in the paddock, let’s see what the rest of the field wins. Here is a list of the lowest paid Formula 1 drivers.

It’s no secret that riding vehicles at the pinnacle of motorsport comes with a hefty praise. Throughout records, some Formula 1 drivers had been taken into consideration the highest-paid athletes in world sport. So, what are the modern F1 driving force salaries in 2023?

It’s a hard query to answer. Typically, this data isn’t released by way of groups nor the drivers because, why might they?

But that won’t forestall some from guessing. When drivers put up snap shots on social media of their lavish houses, fast motors and hedonistic life-style, you can’t assist however speculate how much they have got inside the financial institution.

Lowest Paid Formula 1 Drivers in the World

1. Yuki Tsunoda: $ 500,000

Source: racingnews365.com

Yuki Tsunoda is the lowest paid F1 driver on the grid in 2023. The Alpha Tauri rookie is in his debut season in Formula 1 and is slowly mastering his craft. It hasn’t been all easy as he has been prone to crashes and has been comfortably overshadowed by his teammate Pierre Gasly. The youngster has the potential to become a great driver over time.

2. George Russell – $ 1 million

The Williams star is the second-lowest-earning Formula 1 driver on the grid, earning $ 1 million a year. He’s been the bright spark at Williams for the past 2 years, making the most of the slowest car on the grid. This year, however, the team has a more competitive package and George, as always, shined. Tipped for a switch to Mercedes for 2023, the Merc junior driver has world championship quality written all over him.

3. Nicholas Latifi – $ 1 million

Russell’s Williams teammate, Nicholas Latifi, also receives the same salary of $ 1 million a year. His teammate has comfortably overshadowed him. Signed during Williams’s financial difficulties, he will have to have done more to retain his position by 2023 as the team is financially stable.

4. Nikita Mazepin – $ 1 million

Source: marca.com

Haas rookie Nikita Mazepin also makes $ 1 million a year. After entering, he’s had a rough start to his career in F1, which is the worst car on the grid by some distance. So far he has had a fairly successful youth career. His true evaluation will come next season once Haas fixes his machinery.

5. Mick Schumacher – $ 1 million

Teammates with Mazepin on Haas, the 2020 F2 Champion, win $ 1 million. He, like Nikita, has also struggled at Haas. Schumacher has still outdone his teammate, although he could wait after beating Mzepin in the F2 championship. Again, a fair assessment of Mick can be made in 2023 on a better car.

6. Antonio Giovinazzi – $ 1 million

The Italian is the fifth person on the list to earn $ 1 million a year. The Alfa Romeo driver has been quick at times, but his consistency has seen him overtaken by his teammate and world champion Kimmi Raikkonen. Italian Jesus, as he is nicknamed, will have to find his grove for the remainder of this season to retain his seat at Alfa.

7. Pierre Gasly – $ 5 million

Source: news18.com

Pierre Gasly has been one of the best Formula 1 drivers on the grid since he was demoted from Redbull midway through the 2019 season. The Frenchman has achieved three podiums and one victory since then. He currently makes $ 5 million on Alpha Tauri and has been stellar this season. What 2023 holds for him is still a bit up in the air. Will he be promoted to Redbull, will he continue to Alpha Tauri, or will he search for new pastures?

8. Esteban Ocon – $ 5 million

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon earns the same salary as his compatriot Gasly. Ocon’s F1 career has seen its fair share of ups and downs and it finally appears to be on the upswing this season. After a good start to the season, he has now achieved his first F1 victory at the Hungaroring. Ocon hopes to start and have a brilliant 2023 season.

9. Land of Norris – $ 5 million

The Britton also has a $ 5 million a year deal at McLaren. The youngster has become one of the best drivers on the grid this season. He has comfortably overtaken his new teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who is struggling to adjust to a new car. Norris has also added 3 podiums to his name in 2023 and currently ranks third in the championship.

10. Sergio Pérez – $ 8 million

Source: marca.com

Sergio Pérez currently has an $ 8 million a year contract at Redbull. The Mexican veteran may have been on the grid since 2011 and has spent most of his career fighting in midfield.

Despite this, he has 2 podiums and 2 wins to his name. He currently ranks fifth in the championship, just 4 points behind Bottas. Perez will look forward to better performances to help Redbull win the constructors’ championship.

Peoples Also Asks

Who is the least successful F1 driver?

Marco Apicella makes the list because he has the record of the shortest F1 race career in the history of the sport.

How much do F1 drivers make 2023?

As of November 2023, the Formula 1 driver with the highest annual salary worldwide was Lewis Hamilton, with an annual salary of 55 million U.S. dollars.

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