Hungarian Grand Prix Winners List: Who is the most successful F1 driver?

The Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​a Formula One World Championship race held in Hungary at the Hungaroring. It was held for the first time in 1936 in a park in Budapest. The world war that followed stopped Grand Prix racing in the country for 50 years. The Hungarian Grand Prix weekend starts on Friday, July 30, 2023. Before the season, let’s look at the list of Hungarian Grand Prix winners.

He returned in 1986 and has been a mainstay on the F1 calendar to this day. Held on the winding and narrow Hungaroring near Budapest. The track has few overtaking opportunities and is difficult to navigate. Currently, the Grand Prix has an agreement that will be seen on the calendar until 2027.

Most successful Formula 1 driver at the Hungarian GP

Lewis hamilton

The Britton has enjoyed unprecedented success on the circuit, winning 8 times. Lewis Hamilton hopes he will stop a Verstappen charge to win his ninth Hungarian Grand Prix. The title race is in full swing, with only 8 points separating the 2 drivers, and it looks like everything is going to be a spectacular race.



Years gained


Lewis hamilton

2007, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020


Michael Schumacher

1994, 1998, 2001, 2004


Ayrton senna

1988, 1991, 1992


Nelson piquet

1986, 1987

Damon Hill

1993, 1995

Jacques villeneuve

1996, 1997

Mika Hakkinen

1999, 2000

Jenson button

2006, 2011

Sebastian Vettel

2015, 2017

Hungarian Grand Prix Winners List

Year Driver Builder
1986 Nelson piquet Williams-Honda
1987 Nelson piquet Williams-Honda
1988 Ayrton senna McLaren-Honda
1989 Nigel Mansell Ferrari
1990 Thierry Boutsen Williams-Renault
1991 Ayrton senna McLaren-Honda
1992 Ayrton senna McLaren-Honda
1993 Damon Hill Williams-Renault
1994 Michael Schumacher Benetton-Ford
nineteen ninety five Damon Hill Williams-Renault
nineteen ninety six Jacques villeneuve Williams-Renault
1997 Jacques villeneuve Williams-Renault
1998 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
1999 Mika Hakkinen McLaren-Mercedes
2000 Mika Hakkinen McLaren-Mercedes
2001 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2002 Rubens Barrichello Ferrari
2003 Fernando Alonso Renault
2004 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2005 Kimi raikkonen McLaren-Mercedes
2006 Jenson button Sling
2007 Lewis hamilton McLaren-Mercedes
2008 Heikki Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes
2009 Lewis hamilton McLaren-Mercedes
2010 Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault
2011 Jenson button McLaren-Mercedes
2012 Lewis hamilton McLaren-Mercedes
2013 Lewis hamilton Mercedes
2014 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull-Renault
2015. Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
2016 Lewis hamilton Mercedes
2017. Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
2018 Lewis hamilton Mercedes
2019 Lewis hamilton Mercedes
2020 Lewis hamilton Mercedes

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