Ranji Trophy Winners List and Most Successful Team of the Tournament


Ranji Trophy is one of the most famous first class cricket championships played in India. There are many teams representing the region or state of India. Check out the Ranji Trophy Winners List.

Currently, there are 38 teams participating in the tournament from all states and regions. This competition bears the name. He is the first Indian cricketer Ranjitsinhji who played as an international cricketer and after him is called 'Ranji'.

The first competition was scheduled for the year 1934-1935. So here let's see the full details about the Ranji trophy winners list and the most successful team in the tournament.

Ranji Trophy Winners List

Ranji Trophy Winners List

Season Winners Runners-up
2021-22 TBC TBC
2019-20 Saurashtra Bengal
2018-19 Vidarbha Saurashtra
2017-18 Vidarbha Delhi
2016-17 Gujarat Bombay
2015–16 Bombay Saurashtra
2014-15 Karnataka Tamil nadu
2013-14 Karnataka Maharashtra
2012-13 Bombay Saurashtra
2011-12 Rajasthan Tamil nadu
2010-11 Rajasthan Baroda
2009-10 Bombay Karnataka
2008-09 Bombay Uttar pradesh
2007-08 Delhi Uttar pradesh
2006-07 Bombay Bengal
2005-06 Uttar pradesh Bengal
2004-05 Railways Punjab
2003-04 Bombay Tamil nadu
2002-03 Bombay Tamil nadu
2001-02 Railways Baroda
2000-01 Baroda Railways
1999–00 Bombay Hyderabad
1998–99 Karnataka Madhya pradesh
1997–98 Karnataka Uttar pradesh
1996-1997 Bombay Delhi
1995-1996 Karnataka Tamil nadu
1994-1995 Bombay Punjab
1993-1994 Bombay Bengal
1992-1993 Punjab Maharashtra
1991-1992 Delhi Tamil nadu
1990-1991 Haryana Bombay
1989-1990 Bengal Delhi
1988-1989 Delhi Bengal
1987–88 Tamil nadu Railways
1986-1987 Hyderabad Delhi
1985–86 Delhi Haryana
1984–85 Bombay Delhi
1983–84 Bombay Delhi
1982–83 Karnataka Bombay
1981-1982 Delhi Karnataka
1980-1981 Bombay Delhi
1979-1980 Delhi Bombay
1978–79 Delhi Karnataka
1977–78 Karnataka Uttar pradesh
1976–77 Bombay Delhi
1975–76 Bombay Bihar
1974–75 Bombay Karnataka
1973-1974 Karnataka Rajasthan
1972–73 Bombay Tamil nadu
1971–72 Bombay Bengal
1970–71 Bombay Maharashtra
1969-1970 Bombay Rajasthan
1968–69 Bombay Bengal
1967–68 Bombay Madras
1966-1967 Bombay Rajasthan
1965-1966 Bombay Rajasthan
1964-1965 Bombay Hyderabad
1963–64 Bombay Rajasthan
1962–63 Bombay Rajasthan
1961–62 Bombay Rajasthan
1960–61 Bombay Rajasthan
1959-1960 Bombay Mysore
1958-1959 Bombay Bengal
1957-1958 Baroda Services
1956-1957 Bombay Services
1955-1956 Bombay Bengal
1954-1955 Madras Holkar
1953-1954 Bombay Holkar
1952-1953 Holkar Bengal
1951-1952 Bombay Holkar
1950–51 Holkar Gujarat
1949-1950 Baroda Holkar
1948-1949 Bombay Baroda
1947-1948 Holkar Bombay
1946-1947 Baroda Holkar
[1945-1946[1945-1946 Holkar Baroda
1944-1945 Bombay Holkar
1943-1944 Western india Bengal
1942-1943 Baroda Hyderabad
1941-1942 Bombay Mysore
1940–41 Maharashtra Madras
1939-1940 Maharashtra United Provinces
1938-1939 Bengal Southern punjab
1937-1938 Hyderabad Nawanagar
1936-1937 Nawanagar Bengal
1935-1936 Bombay Madras
1934-1935 Bombay North india

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Most successful Ranji Trophy team

Mumbai is one of the most successful teams in the Ranji Trophy which has won 41 titles, they are also considered as one of the strongest teams. They have produced some great Indian cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Vijay Merchant and many more.

After Mumbai, Karnataka is the second most successful team to have won 8 titles and it is also one of the biggest to do their best in every match.

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