The NBA celebrates NBA 75 roster players almost daily from now until the end of the season. Today’s honoree is Philadelphia Warriors star Paul Arizin, nicknamed “Pitchin ‘Paul” for his unique jump shot. This excerpt from the story, part of a preview of the 1962-63 NBA season, mentions only in passing that Arizin, a perennial All-Star and former league leading scorer, had retired, appeared in the issue of the October 20, 1962 from The Sports News.

Warriors to Miss Arizin

Although the San Francisco Warriors chose Wayne Hightower, a Philadelphia giant through the University of Kansas, they suffered the loss of Paul Arizin, who refused to go West with the franchise. The 33-year-old Arizin was still good enough to average 21.9 points last season, a contribution he can’t help but miss this year.

Despite Pitchin ‘Paul’s absence, the Warriors will introduce Bay Area fans to attractions like Wilt Chamberlain, who averaged 50 points per game last season; Tom Meschery, a local product who starred in St. Mary’s and pulled the strings to 12.1 last season; Tom Gola (13.7), Guy Rodgers (8.2) and Al Attles, plus rookie Dave Gunther, Howie Montgomery and Hubie White, who all looked good in the preseason storm.