I am ready to sell my pyjama to buy Dhoni in my IPL team: Shah Rukh Khan

Actor, Producer, Entertainer, TV Host, Entrepreneur-There are many faces of Shah Rukh Khan

I am ready to sell my pyjama to buy Dhoni in my IPL team: Shah Rukh Khan

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Actor, Producer, Entertainer, TV Host, Entrepreneur- There are many faces of Shah Rukh Khan. The man has probably written the biggest success story in an industry where nepotism rules. But despite having so many facets, Shah Rukh Khan successfully displays his sports enthusiasm.

From being the captain of his school hockey team to owning a team in Indian Premier League, Shah Rukh has always presented himself as a keen sports admirer. Even his Twitter timeline these days often display his love for cricket. Whether it was the India vs England series or the congratulatory message sent to Indian Blind Cricket team on winning the world Cup. SRK has tweeted it all. 

I recently had the privilege of interviewing the man for his movie Raees and I got a glimpse of his sports love in that short period.

My mobile phone cover is a replica of former Indian captain Dhoni's limited over jersey. With "Dhoni 7" written on the back, it is needless to mention here that I am a big Dhoni fan too. But my joy knew no bounds when I got to know that even Shah Rukh Khan is a MSD fan. While I was shooting the SRK interview on my phone, he must have checked out my phone cover.

Once the interview was over, he promptly complimented, "Yaar Tera phone cover toh Bohot badhiya hai," (Your phone cover is extremely nice). I was happy to receive the compliment but what better time to let the man know that why both of my favorites cannot be together? I replied, "Toh aap bhi Dhoni ko KKR mein kyun nahi le lete?," (Why don't you pick Dhoni in Kolkata Knight Riders squad?).

SRK with all his charm and wit answered, "Yaar main toh usko apna Pajama bech ke bhi kharid lun, wo Aaye toh auction mein," (I am willing to buy Dhoni even if it means selling off my pants, but he never goes under the hammer in IPL auctions). The Raees actor didn't mince his words while expressing the love for the former Indian captain but when asked about his continuous absence from the majority of IPL matches, Shah Rukh expressed his disappointment. "I want to attend the majority of them but unfortunately due to the work schedule I missed many of them last year, However, this year InshaAllah the movie with Imtiaz (Ali) would be in post-production by the time IPL starts, so I might attend more games."

Well, we all want to see SRK in more and more IPL games but as far as Dhoni is concerned, tough luck sir. I don't see him being a part of auction anytime soon and with Chennai Super Kings making a comeback in 2018, the wait might just extend. However, it would be a treat to watch the King of Bollywood and the King of Indian cricket associated with the same team.

Written by- Abbas Haider (Radio Professional)

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