I have learnt a lot from MS Dhoni: Ishan Kishan

Ishan Kishan has made a cut in India A side which would be up against England in the second warm up match at CCI. We had a one to one conversation with the talented batsman. Here are the excerpts.

  • Arsalan- Ishan, first of all talking about your form. You have scored a lot runs in Ranji Trophy and now you have been selected for the warm up game. Tell us something about it.

    Ishan Kishan- A lot of people have helped me to improve my performance. When I was playing World Cup, Rahul Dravid sir asked me to work on my footwork and that helped me. My coach Rajiv Kumar Raja helped me to improve that during our practice sessions. Talking about my mind set, I used to be under pressure of scoring big. MS Dhoni helped me in that as he was with us in the second match. He talked to me and shared a good piece relating to it. Ishank Jaggi was someone who helped me while batting with him and told me how to start my innings and build upon it. These people helped me a lot in improving the game.

    Arsalan-How much confidence have you gained after your recent performances in Ranji Trophy ?
    Ishan Kishan-I gained a lot of confidence with all my innings because all my big scores came against the team who are pretty big names in the business like Delhi, Karnataka, Haryana, Saurashtra. So now my focus is on persisting the same form.

    Arsalan- Jharkhand registered a place in the semi-final which is itself a big achievement. You played an important role during the process so how do you feel about it ?

    Ishan Kishan- As a team member I felt really good about the performance that came from the lot. Everyone supported each other including the supporting staff. There was no negativity despite of having some bad run. Including everything, it all went right for us and it was a team work. We all knew what our roles were as far as the team is concerned.

    Arsalan- MS Dhoni is not the captain now but he is still there with as a mentor. What did you learn about the game from him ?

    Ishan Kishan- There was a lot of learning like scoring some big runs. He also talked about the importance of fitness. And if you are learning from MS Dhoni, it is itself good. He talked to us while the team felt under pressure. We were able to execute the plan pretty nicely.

    Arsalan- What do you want to say about MS Dhoni’s achievements as a player and captain ?
    Ishan Kishan- You know about MS Dhoni and what he has given to the team. He made us win several championships which is big. I have a learnt a lot from him as a youngster. Whenever someone goes to him and talk about anything, he helps every youngster as much as possible.

    Arsalan- Virat Kohli is now the Indian captain and a role model for every player. If you get a chance to play under him, are you excited about it?
    Ishan Kishan-Everyone looks up to Virat Kohli. We would be really excited if we get a chance to play under him. Even if we are sharing the dressing room with him that’s also really good. There would be a lot of learning for us.

    Arsalan- Rahul Dravid has been your coach during Under-19 times. It’s his birthday today. Would you like to say something ?

    Ishan Kishan-I would like to wish him a happy birthday. He has been a big support for me. He really backed me when I was out of form. He talked to me about my strength and you feel really good when someone like Rahul Dravid talk to you. You feel nice that a legendary player is backing you and supports you during the course. I just want to thank him for his support.

    Arsalan- You are playing for India A. What are your future plans ?
    Ishan Kishan- I will continue doing what I have done up till now. I will just focus on my fitness and won’t worry about results because when you think about results and it doesn’t go in that way, it creates a lot of pressure. So I would just continue with what I have done till now.

    Arsalan- Fitness is one of major focus in the team. If you look up to Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni as far as fitness is concerned, this is one of the major concerns. What do you think ?
    Ishan Kishan- Obviously, cricket is all about fitness and we have changed our diet. We have intake of proteins and avoid fats. If you target the Indian team, then you need to match the fitness level of Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni.

    Arsalan- What are your plans for tomorrow’s game for India A?
    Ishan Kishan- Tomorrow we are playing England and I’m really excited as there a lot of good players in the English side as well. At the same time it would be a good learning for me as we have Suresh Raina and Ajinkya Rahane. I will try to learn as much as I can and will give my best shot to perform well.

    Arsalan- Ishan you have had a change in batting positions. It seems it doesn’t really matter to you where you are playing. Do you want some specific position?
    Ishan Kishan-No, I don’t want any fixed number. But when I went down the order, it was due to my reason of wicket-keeping for 100-120 overs and taking a rest of 10 minutes and then coming out to bat. This is the reason I started batting at number 6.

    Q) Favourite movie
    A) Fast abnd Furious

    Q) Favourite Holiday destination where you want to visit
    A) Tokyo

    Q) Favourite destination where you have visited


    Q) Dream car
    A)Rolls Royce Ghost, Lamborghini gallardo

    Q) Current car you are driving

    Q) Favourite International player
    A) David Warner

    Q) Favourite Indian Cricketer
    A) Virat Kohli

    Q) Favourite Wicket-keeper
    A)MS Dhoni

    Q) Favourite perfume
    A) 1 million

    Q) Favourite actress
    A) Jacqueline Fernandez

    Q) Favourite Actor
    A) Ranveer Singh

    Q) Favourite Coach
    A) There have been many people. Infact all of them. Rajiv Kumar Raja, Uttam Majumdar, Santosh sir

    Q) Favourite Stadium
    A) Wankhede

    Q) Stadium where you want to play
    A) Lord’s