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Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin shows off his bizarre £645 Gucci slippers at London Fashion Week

Bellerin wore a very peculiar outfit at the London Fashion Week

Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin shows off his bizarre £645 Gucci slippers at London Fashion Week

Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin is known for his bizarre dressing sense (Instagram)

Footballers are known for their bizarre dressing sense, but then again, if you have all the money to spend, all these things are very common. Following the trend, Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin is no different.

The 22-year-old Spain international was recently spotted at the London Fashion Week - at the same time Arsenal were falling down against Nottingham Forest - and his outfit was the most peculiar one, one could ever see. Wenger decided not to include Bellerin into his squad against the Tricky Trees, hence the youngster decided to join the London Fashion Week. Bellerin decided to wear a classic black Christopher Shannon jacket followed by the gold pyjamas from Zimmermann, who is known for their women's and children's clothes.

 Hector Bellerin has been spotted wearing women's pyjamas at the men's London Fashion week

What added the icing was his £645 black Gucci slippers, which is lined with lamb's wool.

You cannot really blame the footballers for these peculiar fashion statement and Bellerin isn't the only one to follow as well. Manchester United recently decided to make a warm training trip to Dubai and almost every single player took to Instagram or Twitter to showcase their outlandish outfits. 

Bellerin's slipper cost £645

 Be it Jesse Lingard or Marcus Rashford, everyone was up for it. And then there was Marcos Rojo, who posted his picture. The Argentina international was wearing the slippers of the chequered texture, which are lined with kangaroo fur - and cost £675.

Marcos Rojo wore similar slippers while on his way to Dubai

Furthermore, Bellerin made an appearance at the Fashion Week wearing an outfit which reportedly cost a whopping £2,655. The Spaniard was accompanied by his girlfriend Shree Patel at the event. As The Sun quotes, Bellerin's denim jacket and his trousers were from brand Fear of God and cost £1,325 and £735 respectively.

 Hector Bellerin with girlfriend Shree Patel at men's London Fashion Week

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