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On This Day, December 7: John Terry was born; a look at the Englishman's list of scandals

There are some dark phases that have at times blotched John Terry's legacy in football

On This Day, December 7: John Terry was born; a look at the Englishman's list of scandals

John Terry

John Terry posing with the Premier League trophy (Getty)

John Terry is perhaps one of the greatest defenders to have graced the world of football and arguably perhaps the best of his generation. The Chelsea FC legend has been a rare success story for the club's youth system, having joined them at the age of 14. He has gone on to captain the club for over a decade, amassing more than 500 appearances in the process, and is also one of the highest-scoring defenders ever. Throughout his tenure at Chelsea, he won almost all club awards, domestic and otherwise, while also showing considerable success in playing for and captaining England's national squad. 

However, there are also dark phases that have at times blotched his legacy in football. Some of these were pretty severe and scandalous and put him in a place that was very unlike a player of his stature. On his birthday, we take a look at some of these darker incidents, which shows that after all, no one is a saint. While the world wishes him the best for turning a year older, we turn back the years instead to check on his scandals.

Mocking American tourists following 9/11

A day after the 9/11 terror attack, Terry and his teammates Frank Lampard and Eidur Gudjohnsen were accused of insulting some American tourists by throwing food at them outside the bar at Heathrow Airport. Heartlessly and hopelessly drunk?

Urinating in a glass at a bar

John Terry spotted leaving London's trendy Movida nightclub after a night of partying

In February 2002, CCTV cameras at an Essex nightclub caught Terry urinating into a pint glass, which he kept lying on the floor before sneaking away hoping no one would notice. He claimed that he could not make his way to the washroom because of his injured toe. I mean seriously, how drunk was he to come up with that explanation?

Gambling on horses

Terry once again faced the heat when in 2004, he along with then-teammates Scott Parker and Wayne Bridge spent over £40,000 a week betting on horses. That amount was, by the way, more than even the national wage. It's a shame someone like Parker got involved though.

Illegal parking

In early 2008, Terry was fined £60 after parking his Bentley in a disabled bay while having a meal with his family in Pizza Express. This despite the public car park being only a few yards away. So that would save him how little exactly?

Accepting bribe from reporter

John Terry during a Chelsea training session (Getty)

Late in 2009, Terry reportedly accepted £10,000 from a reporter and let him take footage in and around Stamford Bridge's ground. This was against the club policies, and he was fined subsequently. Makes him a sell-out?

The affair with Vanessa Perroncel

Well, Vanessa Perroncel was none other than the girlfriend of Terry's England teammate at that time, Wayne Bridge. Bridge also had a child with Perroncel, and this incident happened in 2010 when Terry had been married to wife Tony Poole for three years. He had a four-month affair with Perroncel, and she became pregnant, consequently resorting to abortion. Bridge was once a best mate of Terry's and when the two next saw each other during Chelsea's clash against Bridge's team Manchester City, the latter infamously snubbed Terry's handshake. Chelsea's skipper was also stripped of England's captaincy by then manager Fabio Capello. No faith, on and off the pitch!

The racial scandal

Terry allegedly racially abused Anton Ferdinand (Rio's brother) during a clash between Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers in October 2011. Terry denied these accusations, but was later found guilty and banned for a few games, while also being stripped of his captaincy for the second time. He had never learned, had he!


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